We Had a Whale of a Time…Doing Craft!!

Right, so Miss Z’s party was a bit of a hit, as we have already seen.  Today I am sharing the decorations and craft I did to make the Dessert Table super cute and extra special.

1.  The “Powder Puffs”. GORGEOUS Paper Pom Poms I bought from spotlight but probably available in any good crafty store.  TOTALLY in love with these.  They come folded concertina style and it took me about 5 mins to puff out each one and hang it up.  Awesome.  I am a great hater of “stuff” but will be keeping these for the next party.

Powder Puffs!!

Powder Puffs!!

2. EAT!!!!

A really cute little table ornament I bought from Spotlight.  Total cost, about $4.00.  A little blue paint on the MDF and you have a darling little addition that really makes a statement!!



3. Lollypop Trees

These took about an hour per “tree”. Basically its a styrofoam ball in a stand and it has lollypops stuck all over.  This was a Pintrest idea that I was hanging out to do that everyone said was “easy”.  WELL! It wasn’t exactly hard but it WAS a bit of a pain in the butt.  You need to ensure your styrofoam shape is big enough to fit all of the lollypop sticks inside of it so you won’t be trying to shove one in one side whilst shoving one out the other….I used 10inch spheres and used approx. 120 lollypops per sphere.  Each one took me about an hour….

Lollypop Trees!

Lollypop Trees!

4. Treat Bags

Cute treat bags made from basic brown kraft bags, filled with a tiny tub of play dough for the littles, popping candy for the older kids, a selection of chocolates and lollies (and lollypops, lets face it, I had several to spare!) and finished off with the cute note cards from the MKKM designs pack.  The note read “We hope you had a whale of a time!”.

Treat Bags

Treat Bags



  1. Totally clever to buy the flower pompoms. We made from scratch what seemed like a billion of them for Miss Micotrophys wedding and I didn’t have the right scissors so used kitchen shears. Bad move. I cut right through one into my finger and have a scar for the rest off life to remind me. It also makes me feel just a little faint every time I see them!!
    Great job with all the crafty stuff!


  1. […] party tablecloths, each cut in half down the middle as the drapes and the leftover paper puffs from Miss Z’s Whale Party added the extra colour and […]

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