Ending toddler toothbrush tantrums…

Today is a super quick post to share an app (iPhone and Android) that some of the lovely Mums in my online Mothers Group were talking about.
It has turned me from feeling like someone akin to a hired mafia torture merchant into a relatively sane Mum for at least 4 minutes a day. Did I mention it is also FREE?

The app has a ridiculously stupid name – I’m not sure why it is called Nurdle Time but maybe someone can shed some light on it – but I’m willing to ignore it because now Master O and Miss E are excited about brushing their teeth. I will add that I’m pretty sure Miss E secretly likes it mostly because she thinks she might be able to sneak the tablet to her bedroom without me noticing once she has finished brushing her teeth. But call me cynical… I don’t care because now Master O is brushing his for pretty well close to a full 2 minutes. Two minutes is a long time to a toddler. It’s also well enough to create a jaunty tooth brushing jingle earworm too (be warned).
You can set up a profile for each child.
The app first shows a little animation of how to brush your teeth…
Then you brush your teeth along to the dancing Nurdle dude and the jaunty tooth brushing jingle. It tells your when to swap sides and what teeth to brush.
At the end of the two minutes the kids earn reward stars which they use to buy costumes for their Nurdle…
I haven’t checked, but there is the possibility for a complete set of Village People in there…
Pretty awesome combos to be had…
If you are having difficulties with tooth brushing time, this one could make life easier for you. If you try it, I’d love to know how you went. Let us know with a comment below or on our Facebook page…



  1. We use this, it’s great. I use to put the timer on my phone but E didn’t go much on that!

  2. dannijh says:

    OK! Downloading now!!!

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