We Had a Whale of a Time @ the Dessert Table!!

Whale of a Time Dessert table Honey you Baked

WELL. The Party is over for another year! Miss Z had a lovely time at her 2nd Birthday (Far OUT!!!) and my Dessert Table went down a treat – blink….and it was GONE!!!

The Whale theme was actually thought up my Miss N a few months ago…long story short, my most crafty Aunty had made Miss Z a (very fabulous) dress of whale print material and since her hair hung in her face all the time we used to tie it up and comment it looked like a whale spout. Miss N took that idea and ran and I thought it was great. Hello Whale Theme Party!!

Of course, since its me, all that really mattered with this party was the food (no mention of the fact I’ve not even bought my own child a gift….). We had a very simple BBQ/sausage sizzle/no-plates-just-use-a-napkin-and-your-hands type of lunch, with the main attraction being the Dessert Table. I had originally planned for 6 items on the table, however my rice crispy treats did not turn out as beautifully as planned (I was told I am too picky for not wanting to use them but what can I say – OCD is a killer! Ahem…CDO). We ended up with 5 items and they all looked fabulous. I will show you the crafty stuff in another post but here is my edible run down for now. I used a great printable pack I purchased from MKKM Designs on ETSY. LOVE!! Totally cool, perfect fit with our theme and a small price to pay for all the great addittions to the table that would have taken me too much time and effort to create by myself (and lets face it, mine would not have looked anywhere near as good).

The Water Bottles were my top favourite...Easy to do and they look awesome!!

The Water Bottles were my top favourite…Easy to do and they look awesome!!

Described by one partygoer as "whale droppings"....my white choc buds!

Described by one partygoer as “whale droppings”….my white choc buds!

Cupcakes!! GF and Regular versions..

Cupcakes!! GF and Regular versions..

The Cake!!!

The Cake!!!

Birthday Girl!!

Birthday Girl!!



  1. Nerissa says:

    Love the cake Danni! the whale looks awesome!! another job well done xoxo

  2. Really cute!


  1. […] right?!) and Pretzels for antlers.  The eyes I was lucky to have already – leftover from Miss Z and her Whale Cake.  If you cannot find these ( I got mine at a specialist cake decorating store) you can always just […]

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