School holiday lunch-spiration!

School holidays are upon us next week (and for some of you, I believe they have already started). So I’m interrupting our regular lunchbox ideas, for lunch plates instead!

Here are some of our favourite cute ideas for bento-style tasting plates…

These are all really quick and easy ways to present food in a fun way for kids. They live to look at food like this and it’s exciting for them to eat it! A great way to sneak something in they may not be willing to try otherwise…

The first has a bit of a flower or bloom theme.

  • We have halved strawberries and blueberries.
  • A dish of yoghurt decorated with more berries.
  • Mini cherry tomatoes and a ham flower.
  • 20130702-231153.jpg
    Another flower plate…

  • The large flower is made with a flower cookie cutter, with regular sprinkles and some chia sprinkles too. A dried apricot centre and carrot stick stem.
  • A cheese butterfly with sultanas.
  • A cheese flower decorated with Cheerios with a clover pick for the stem.
  • 20130702-231203.jpg
    A mixed tasting plate (obviously pretty tempting going by Master O’s hand sneaking in as I took the photo!)…

  • A grissini stick.
  • Puffed corn.
  • Mini fruit kebabs of rockmelon & strawberries on long flower picks.
  • Craisins and sultanas.
  • 20130702-231210.jpg
    The last is a bit of a garden theme…

  • A cheesy lunch muffin.
  • Banana slices held with long flower picks.
  • Frozen peas in a bug silicon cup (my kids are strangely addicted to frozen peas and eat them like lollies)…
  • Strawberries.
  • 20130702-231218.jpg


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