For the love of Ikea…

I’m very excited that Tassie finally gets an official Ikea delivery service (only 1st July – 31st August at this point it seems)…
20130627-081303.jpg(We’ll ignore the fact that they have forgotten their “Tasmanian Cousins” for years while people here have called for a store, or at least a direct shipping option…)

If you can get a few people together to split the $99 shipping, this isn’t a bad option. I’m tempted to do the Christmas Shopping for the kids from here instead. A few choice pieces and we’re done!

These are my top picks…
20130627-082509.jpgWe’re also in the market for a sofa bed AND a big girl bed for Miss E so we can transition Master O from the cot when he’s ready.

Suddenly we have so much more choice! I’ve certainly missed not having a store readily available to me since moving back from Sydney, and every mainland trip for me involves a compulsory trip to the closest available store. Bliss!!

Are you an Ikea fan? What are your favourite items?



  1. Sorry to say that my Ikea to Tasmania experience has not been fruitful. I inititally placed my order in mid November. By the 29th I had not had any contact regarding payment or delivery so I e-mailed again receiving a reply on 30th November advising there was a back log. 3rd December they e-mailed me to say an item I ordered 3 weeks earlier was now out of stock so I had to withdraw my order and keep an eye on stock levels. On 17th December I received notification my item was now in stock but another item had now gone out of stock so I waited until 23rd December when this item was available again, then several other items were out of stock. I e-mailed a complaint about my frustration at attempting to place an order for stock in excess of $2000 on 13 January and was offered a discount to my delivery price. I placed the order on this date, I have since been playing phone tag attempting to pay. It is now 1st February, the only phone number they give you to contact is a call centre, I do not have a direct number for the Tasmanian Team who are never in office when I call. I asked for the store number and manager’s name and was told that to speak to the manager I have to visit the store in person. Any ideas what I can do next?

    • Hi Donna,
      I must say, though our experience hasn’t been that bad, it did take us around a month from ordering to receiving our goods with very poor communication on the Ikea end. We ended up with two lists in the system as we assumed that our first one had gone astray after no reply. There wasn’t even an auto responder to say that ‘your order has been received blah blah blah’…
      Eventually we got our goods but one of the items shown on the shipping manifest didn’t arrive. Turns out in the three weeks between ordering and the good being picked the item was no longer for sale.
      Unfortunately, I’m not sure if you have seen this, but it looks like your order will be further delayed
      as they currently aren’t shipping for the next week or so…
      Check out the explanation here:

      It’s not the most well oiled machine, but short of hooking up the trailer and heading over to Melbourne, its better than nothing…

      • Thanks Mel,
        It is comforting to know we are not the only frustrated customers, however kind of sad for the efficient small businesses here in Tassie who were offering a better service but have subsequently closed down as a result of Ikea offering a less than perfect service. I used a guy from Hobart previously who was prompt and had great communication, really was seamless. After looking at the link you sent me I am considering pulling my order all together.

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