Rainbows at night, a child’s delight

“Standing in the midst of Spectra in the rain as little droplets fly at me – minuscule rainbows. It’s like standing amidst stars…”
That is my tweet on Friday night a fortnight ago as I stood underneath a towering art installation as part of the MONA Dark Mofo Festival. It was a cold night and bucketing down with rain. I ruined my knee high boots as my friend and I, entranced, wandered around under 49 beams of light which reached up 15km above the city of Hobart.

Magical… I knew that no matter, the kids had to see this.

As fate tends to do, Master O got a nasty cold on Saturday, so A1 took along Miss E and she was entranced and can now do a pretty impressive impression (great writing there Mel!) of the white noise that accompanied the installation – shghhhhh pop! Mmmmm!!!

What can I say about what MONA (and David Walsh it’s lord and master) has done for Tasmania…. I don’t think many people could normally drag me out on the coldest night of the year (yep that was this Friday just gone), but it wasn’t just me, there have been people everywhere. Hobart has been abuzz!

During the week, we dragged ourselves out of the house early on a bitterly cold morning to go and see the oddly endearing Sky Whale. Hobart has embraced her, though possibly because we can send her packing back to Canberra who have to take full ownership of her quirkiness!
On that coldest night of the year, I headed out for some girl time with friends after work and took in the last hour of the Winter Feast.
Outside the Princes Wharf shed, feasting and soaking up the fresh Winter air alongside so many others!
Saturday night Nanna played babysitter (God bless Nanna) and A1 and I headed back to Winter Feast for a DATE NIGHT. We rarely get a date night, I was more excited than when I was a 5 year old with a 20 cent bag of mixed lollies! We ate lots, met up with friends. Ate some more, drank warm cider. Ate some more. Watched a hula girl and stood under sprinklers watching and listening to the buzz of a laser beam.

Ahh Dark Mofo. I am sure to fall back into an even bigger Winter funk now that it has finished… For now, here are some more of my Spectra highlights! I suggest everyone pack their winter best and head down next year.

Spectra peeking through at the bottom of Macquarie Street…
More Spectra…
Master O and Miss E playing amongst the Spectra light towers during the day…
What can entice you away from ugg boots and a warm house in Winter? It’s not all bad… Yesterday morning, cold but just stunning…


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