City Transport Excursion – Look Out Sydney!

Harbour Bridge

This week I was lucky enough to be a parent helper for Miss N and some of her classmates as they toured the sights of Sydney as part of their Transport & Energy studies.

Ever since Miss N started school I have never been able to be a parent helper for anything, as I always either had Miss Z to look after or was working.  This time around however, when the callout for extra helpers came, I thought “why not indeed?” and called my boss very last minute to ask for the day off:).

So. Myself and 8 others parents & teachers accompanied 70-odd Year 1 students for a day checking out Sydney’s Transport and sights. We took a (very luxurious) coach from school into Milsons Pt, walked in and around Luna Park, under the Harbour Bridge, up the hill, up the stairs and across the Bridge.

Harbour Bridge Stairs!

Adventure on the harbour Bridge!

Down the stairs at the other side, around the Rocks, through the Quay, around to the Opera house, back through the Quay, onto a Ferry which went all around the Balmain East Loop and dropped us back to the waiting coaches at Milson’s Pt.  WHEW!!

I must say – as much as i did enjoy being able to help (and seeing Miss N having such a great time was awesome too) by the time we got home I was totally stuffed. It proved to me why I never wanted to be a teacher!!

During the evening before bed, I asked Miss N what her favourite part of the day was.  Her answer? “Walking across the Harbour Bridge and holding your hand while I did it”.  Awww:)


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