Worldly Wednesday – Bento baby! (Bento Part 2)

We have some new additions to our bento stash at home now. An EZ lunchbox which I’m loving (slightly bigger than the Decor sections container I’ve been using, it only JUST fits into the Skip Hop Lunchie)… This one was a quick throw-together lunch.

  • Cheese & Bacon roll with ham, a stringy cheese, olive & carrot ‘wands’
  • Two pieces of Choc museli slice cut into bite size chunks in mini silicon cases (stacked on top of each other)and some puffed corn
  • Berries, rockmelon and grapes
  • 20130318-071257.jpg
    The other purchase was a CuteZCute sandwich cutter/shaper. It’s so versatile. I got them both from Little Bento Blog’s ever-growing online store.

  • How cute is the bear shaped cheese sandwich? I just used some tomato sauce for the mouth and ears and sultanas to fill in the eyes. There is also a stringer cheese and a mini pack of sultanas in the large section…
  • Rockmelon pieces with a ladybug pick.
  • More pieces of choc-museli slice.
  • This last one, was another quick & easy lunch. Easy to forget too, it seems, as I dropped Miss E at school and then took Master O to get a haircut (he was sporting a sheepdog look), when I got a call from school. They were wondering where her lunch was… Suffice to say since we were already at the shops she got delivered an alternative and Master O had it instead when we returned home…

  • Jelly made from blackcurrant juice is a dragonfly silicon cup
  • Carrot sticks
  • Green beans
  • Frozen peas – they’ll thaw by morning tea, but Miss E eats then frozen by the handful anyway – not my idea of yum…
  • Organic corn chips
  • Cream cheese spread in a silicon cup for dipping the chips into
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