Pinterest Challenge – stop pinning, start doing!


I’ve issued myself a challenge. Across our Honey, You Baked and my own personal Pinterest page, there is a total of over 900 pins…
Some are undoubtably double-ups, some have been pinned by Danni and some pins probably don’t even link to something anymore, but that still leaves many hundreds of pins and only a handful that I have tried.
It also means, many hours I’ve wasted blissfully spent pinning away, for no real purpose…

Danni and I have also discussed the fact that we haven’t pinned much under the Honey, You Baked! Pinterest account of late, for those of you that follow us, we apologize for that and will be paying more attention to it. For those that don’t yet follow, check it out!

So I’ve created ANOTHER board – because that’s what you do when you have too many – called Pinterest Challenge, and pinned a few select things that I am promising myself (and to you, to try over the next few weeks).

You are welcome to join me if you like… Post a comment below with a link to your Pinterest pages and Honey, You Baked! will follow you. Create a challenge board too – we might even choose some of your challenge pins to try too!

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself, and we’re on a strict budget at the moment, so I’ve picked things that we really need to try or that I know I have the majority of ingredients for:

  • No Bake Energy Bites
  • Thermomix English Muffins
  • Doll Hairspray
  • Thermomix Cheese Scones
  • Cheesy Quinoa Cakes
  • Rubber Band Apples
  • Winter Harvest Bread
  • I’ll report back on Facebook and Twitter as I go – successful or not!

    What is a pin that you’ve been meaning to try?


    Read it? Like it? Hated it? - we welcome you to leave a comment!

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