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I’ve had my head so full of business this past few weeks I really don’t know if i’m coming or going.  I swear its because not only as I run a household, raise 2 children (and a husband), co-write this blog and run Utopian Delights but also because I work 25hrs a week for someone else and since those hours are smack bang in the middle of the day (my best and most valuable working time) trying to fit all the rest in around it is just killing me (and here I am thinking of going back to work FT – WTF? I must be certifiably insane).

Sometimes, (quite often actually) on weeks like this I feel the Yo-Yo of life much more than others.  For Instance, my “To Do” list for this weekend includes 27 items (some small, some as big as “re-organise back room” and i’ve still not added everything on to it).

Wednesday last I attended a fantastic business seminar run by Belinda from She Inspires.  She runs a stack of seminars on different business topics  and this weeks’ was the best by far I have attended.  I spoke to several new faces (one new friend and I were both convinced we were separated at birth!!), some old friends and the whole 3hrs I was there gave me the metal and inspirational boost I needed to really get my backside into gear and get “doing” with a lot of the business items I’ve been so far putting off.  It also gave me a zillion (yes – a zillion) ideas for sensational updates to HYB – all of which I sent through to Mel (so you never know which ones she may agree to set in stone!).

On the train home it got me thinking (and researching).  As of March 2013*, there are twice as many women starting businesses (7%) than men (1.9%) and in NSW alone, one third of the small businessess registered are owned by women.**

So – this means that there is a crowd of ladies out there in the same position as me.  (Put your hands up please!!!).  I would be very interested to hear about each and every one of you!! What you do, why you do it and how you manage to have some semblance of a life whilst doing it!!  Feel free to comment or email – I’m listening:)



* Taken From The Australian businesswomen’s Network –

** Taken from SMH Business Day -



  1. Too true!! Great to meet you on Wednesday. Can’t wait for the next catch up.

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