Edible lunchbox notes

By now you probably know how Danni & I are both really getting into doing some cute bento lunchbox ideas for the kids. While looking for inspiration I’ve seen quite a few pictures of lunchboxes with little notes in them. Be it love notes, encouragement, reminders etc.

But at this point I’m pretty sure Miss E would just toss them in favour of the food. So I was thinking, why not use the food to make a note?

I remember Mum used to let me draw on eggs before she boiled them for me. Since Miss E is not really up to peeling eggs, I decided against that one, but remembered this:
It was taken on a trip away with friends (Miss Mixotrophy to name one) and we’d been playing cards, but had no paper to score on. Banana to the rescue… So what better medium for a lunchbox not or two…

Cute huh? And no waste of paper!
This one is for Miss E’s lunch…

Do you make lunch for your significant other? How about a bit of subliminal messaging?
Or perhaps when teaching colors to your children or word recognition you could spruce up all the peel-able fruits in your fruit bowl?

Do you do lunchbox notes? What messages do you write and to who? What medium do you use? Paper or something else?


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