Soundtrack to the past 20 years


I voted for the Hottest 100 of the past 20 years recently, and spent yesterday planting veggies (which I’ve learnt makes me cranky) while listening to the first 50 being counted down…

Here’s my list…

  • Green Day – Longview
  • The Offspring – Come out and play
  • Both remind me of playing zone 3 (laser tag) with my friends. We’d head on in and invariably either Dookie by Green Day or Smash by the Offspring would be playing. Darkened rooms now remind me of these songs by default!

  • Rage Against The Machine – Killing in the name of
  • Surprised you? This song brings up two lots of memories. One was going nuts jumping on furniture to this song at a friends house. And laying in bed the next morning, my best friend and I yelling out for the boys to make us Vegemite on toast.
    The other memory is karaoke. A1’s best man and I used to sing this (sing is probably not the best description). We used to hire out one of those dodgy karaoke rooms in Sydney quite often with out friends. Was cheaper than a night out and we could smuggle in our own alcohol. One particular night I lost A1 after he went out to get fresh air. I ended up having to go home by myself because disappeared and no-one could find him. I was distraught. Turns out he’d fallen asleep under an ATM. Thank god he came home in one piece!

  • Radiohead – Creep
  • Ditto to the karaoke! A1’s best mans song too. Can you tell we loved karaoke. It also served well as a break up song for my first love. I would bitterly sing along to it.

  • Everclear – Heroin Girl
  • Share house living with my besties before I joined Ash in Sydney. This song reminds me of these times as I got the album then and listened to it obsessively at this time of my life. We were so disgustingly messy in this house. I’m embarrassed to think of it now!

  • Ben Folds – Underground
  • This I nominated as my favourite song of all time. This song is very me. And it’s the theme son of the night I met A1. We met at a party and I remember dancing on the kitchen counter to this song. Fond memories…

  • Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At
  • My first Big Day Out. Only the boiler room was so packed we could only just squeeze ourselves in and could barely breathe. In the end were practically pushed back out the door.

  • George – Special Ones
  • Katie’s voice is just magic. I’ve seen her live a couple of times – at the Opera House was truly spectacular…

  • Silverchair – The Greatest View
  • No specific memories of this one, I think I just like to tunelessly belt out the chorus, maybe with some air guitar thrown in…

  • Missy Higgins – Ten Days
  • Just reminds me of Sydney. Humid nights, walking along the harbour. I’ve seen her live a few times now and she never fails to bring tears to my eyes…

  • Lior – Autumn Flow
  • The Eagles of Death Metal – Cherry Cola
  • Both remind me of my last chunk of time living Sydney. I was working in a music shop. One of Lior’s staff came in feeling all self important to drop off an amp for repair (or something along those lines) I swear he mentioned Lior’s name about 20 times in one minute. “Hi this is Lior’s amp (guitar, lead,mike whatever it was). I’m dropping it off for Lior. Lior wants it repaired. Can we organize to get it fixed for Lior. It’s for Lior. Lior needs it fixed ASAP…” Etc etc. Was the running joke for a while. I LOVE Lior too though, I can understand his excitement. Hey I was pretty excited when I heard the Giggle and Hoot goodnight song for he first time and realised it was him…
    The Eagles of Death Metal was the favourite staffer album for some time. And Cherry Cola was turned up full bore when everyone needed to wake up a bit!

  • Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home
  • Always reminds me of driving along Davey Street in Hobart, between the museum and docks. Don’t know if its the first time I heard it or if its just because Hobart is home. These guys were amazing live. We saw them support for Mumford and Sons and the energy they have off was amazing. Loved their crowd interaction too.

  • Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over
  • No specific memories, just another great song for tuneless belting and perhaps reminding myself that life is pretty darn good these days!

  • Lily Allen – Smile
  • Again just love Lily Allen, sassy, doesn’t seem to care what people think, but seems quietly broken at times too. I’d love to meet her and give her a big hug!!

  • Bjork – It’s Oh So Quiet
  • Bork… Reminds me of a dear friend – Andy you rock! Early days of college when I started coming out of my shell and he was there for that! We also saw her a few years ago. That’s a tick off my bucket list. She was everything I expected and more. Quirky, cute, hyper, yet contained. Bliss. This song encompasses all of that.

  • The Whitlams – You Sound Like Louis Burdett
  • Ahh Sydney. Love this song! Love these guys.
    And the line ‘All my friends are fuckups but they’re fun to have around’ reminds me of MY friends. Mostly cause I love you guys, and yes although we were a motley bunch of (mostly) geeks I am so proud of who you all are and what you became, and dearly miss the one that we lost along the way xxx

  • The Cat Empire – The Lost Song
  • The Cat Empire – The Chariot (live)
  • So this is the band I chose to see live if I win. Why when they are Australian and I could see any band, any gig, any where? Well, the concert is in Spain – that would be awesome, but because these guys just ooze energy. They bring years of joys to me face when I hear them live. They even want to make A1 dance and that’s a hard task. Plus they haven’t included Tassie in their world tour. Being a saxophone player, I just can’t go past a band with a horn section it just makes me happy. And these guys make me happy. Always.

    I love music. It can take me back to a time if pure joy, pain, heartbreak, tastes, childhood, every day scenes of life are frozen in time thanks to music.
    It was such a hard task to narrow down the list. I’m now looking forward to hearing the final 50 today.

    Who else voted? What songs did you pick? You can see the updated list as they countdown, here


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