Forget Chicken Soup – Retail Therapy is what I need…

Honey, You Baked! Zebra Dress

Ok. I admit it, I really hate shopping with my children.  I don’t even take them to the grocery shops and I NEVER take them clothes shopping, especially when said shopping is for me.  Having a hubby working a shift and being back at work myself makes it incredibly difficult to find time for that all-important shopping ritual. The Browse. (which, by the way is probably why I harbour a great love of online shopping). Oh how I miss just browsing!

Since we have embarked on our super-fabulous in home childcare solution, I have had a little more time to get out and about on my own, take a little time and spend a little money – Oh The Joy! (it really is the simple things).

My signature style is (Stilettos!!!) Knee High Boots and Jeans.  I do have your regular selection of corporate stuff  and when I’m just at home (don’t tell anyone) normally lounge around in my PJ’s, however the rest of the time I pretty much stick to the same thing. Boots & Jeans.  Which is why I really surprised even myself this week when I purchased this little number (on the fly) from a local boutique.  Its one of those things I would normally look at in a magazine and say “Oh I love that” but would never actually purchase for myself, and definitely never wear (I still haven’t taken the tags off – just in case).   Honestly, I’m still a little worried it’s going to make me look like a Zebra….

I also bought new stilettos (Shock!) new knee boots (Horror!) and ankle boots because I needed some (Overload? I Think Not!) A new infinity scarf, a few tops, some leggings, new pants and some makeup just because I could.  Breathe….Goddamit that Felt Good!



  1. Need more photos of the zebra outfit D! Is it long sleeved, short sleeved? Looks fun!

    • dannijh says:

      no sleeves, omitted and very Zebra-like!. I’ll see if I can do a photo shoot when I finally wear it:)

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