Worldly Wednesday: Ice-Cream Surprise Stacks

Seriously could a dessert be any easier than these ice-cream surprise stacks?

You’ll Need:
Ice cream of your choice (I used vanilla)
Fillings – I used fresh raspberries and chocolate topping.
Cardboard muffin cups

The How To:
It all depends on how you want the end result to look. I did layers in mine. This is how I did it…

  • Soften your ice-cream (fancy description for leaving it out on the bench for a while)
  • Pop a dollop of the topping into the bottom of your muffin cup.
  • Squish in some ice-cream.
  • Add a later of raspberries.
  • Repeat
  • Add in more ice-cream. Make sure top is level.
  • Freeze overnight or until solid.


  • Remove from freezer and carefully tear away the muffin cup and up-end onto a serving plate. Decorate with fresh raspberries.

I would suggest leaving out the raspberries from the ice-cream mix. They didn’t taste anywhere as nice frozen in comparison with the fresh ones I used for the plate decoration. If you want to use berries in the dessert, I suggest using a coulis.

Otherwise skip the berries and try crushed up crunchie bars, or blend through a peppermint crisp bar or smarties. I think my next attempt will be one with salted caramel. The options are endless!

What would your favourite combination be?


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