Shoes that could break a drought…

I used to work in an a rather un-glamorous role for a large media company in Sydney.
While I worked this job there were two certainties. I would work stupidly long hours for no extra pay/time in lieu AND if I wore a slightly nice/fancy pair of shoes to work it was guaranteed to rain just when it was finally time to leave the office. So much so that one friend would look at my feet and groan if I was wearing my favorite suede olive green pumps.
On the day I wore my all time favourite teal satin heels, the city practically flooded. Somehow they survived until one day I spewed on them. That’s another story…

These days it’s rare that I have fabulous shoes. I have no great need for heels, in fact since returning to Tassie, my daily ‘uniform’ has been jeans and a t-shirt (and depending on what job I was in at the time) either blunnies (Blundstone boots for the uninitiated), knee high boots in colder weather, gumboots (when it’s been raining and the block likens itself to a festival moshpit that has survived a tropical storm) or flats, flats and flats.
I also hate shoe shopping but love shoes. I LOVE shoes! But these days with kids in tow, shoe shopping is akin to Chinese water torture or being stuck in broken down lift with a flatulent person and Shania Twain stuck on repeat through the speakers. In case you didn’t get that, I hate shoe shopping!
So when I find a pair of shoes I like I wear them to death. Until the sole has worn through, the straps break, a zip has fallen off etc.
I’ve cottoned on to going back and buying the same pair if I like them so I can put off the agony of finding another pair a bit longer.

Anyway, I think I might have to strap on those favourite heels again. It’s still so dry here and to be quite frank It’s too cold to go outside and water all the time. I wonder if my pretty shoe mojo works here?
I’ll report back if I don’t break an ankle walking around the block in high heels!
(The slightly green bit of grass is the area irrigated by our waste treatment system. Aside from that is dirt and bleached grass.)

Is it just me who is cursed by this? If the high heel mojo still works here in Tassie, I’m happy to accept Australia-wide requests for drought breaking duties. In fact, I’m happy to go world-wide (all expenses paid with a minimum of business class seats of course)…


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