Travelling with kids, a survival guide! Part 3

Aviation Virgin Boarding

My top 5 tips to survive the actual flight (with babies, toddlers and children)
So the time has finally come to board that flight, you may have a few butterflies and you’re probably getting tired so here are some tips to help you get through the flight.

1. Clever packing:
Avoid the fuss of having to access your large carry-on bag each time you need to do a nappy change by packing a small bag (I use a nappy disposable bag) with 2 nappies, baby wipes, another nappy bag, disposable change mat and store this bag just under the seat in front of you.

2. Ear popping
Air pressure can cause a lot of discomfort to babies and children as it’s not as easy for them to pop their ears. During takeoff and landing feed your baby (bottle or breast) and for older kids give them a boiled sweet or lolly pop. Alternatively you can purchase ear plugs at any chemist.

3. Seat belt dilemma
I personally find this the biggest challenge on the flight, trying to keep the seatbelt on before takeoff and during the flight. There’s that fine line between sticking to the rules and keeping your child calm. With my toddler I’ve always let her feel in control by letting her open and close it and asking the air steward to praise her for keeping it on. A bit naughty, but bring some stickers so your child can decorate it….but remember to remove them prior to getting off the plane.
4. Don’t worry what other passengers might be thinking?
OK so obviously if your little one is kicking the seat in front you need to be mindful of that and you have to be prepared that not everyone will like your children and even worse dislikes kids on flights.
Smile at the childless passengers who get stuck next to you (you have to feel some sympathy for them!!). Try a little humour, it will break the awkwardness. I love these t-shirt from Milkbomb, if these don’t crack a few smiles then nothing will!!!

5. Comfy Clothes
Change the baby/children into their night clothes prior to boarding (and make sure to bring the older ones to the toilet.) Night clothes are far more comfy and much easier to change if there happens to be an accident!!!I also pack a few spare t-shirts for myself and trackie bottoms.
Whether you fly domestically or internationally always be prepared that situations may arise, keep your state of mind positive and honestly it won’t be as bad as you imagined. Be patient, know everything will take longer than normal and breath!!

Happy Flying! Do you have a great flying tip? Tell us about it.

Liz James lives in Sydney with her husband and two girls. She loves all things to do with travel, food, wine and fitness.
Having spent over 13 years in the corporate world as a Business Analyst and Project Manager, Liz has recently started a business providing virtual assistance and specialist services to small and start-up businesses and entrepreneurs.
If you’d like to know more about Liz and her business visit



  1. Thanks for the great tips. We are heading overseas with three kids (all under 4 yrs) next month and totally dreading the flight. I think the idea of stickers on the seat belt is genius. We will be using that one for sure.

    • I’ll be using the stickers on our next trip too! My kids are sticker obsessed, I think they’d like to give their belts their own little touch!

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