Road Test Tuesday – Table of Plenty Hot or Cold Muesli


Danni Says:

There has been mixed reactions in our Sydney house to this product. Himself and the girls liked it, however I wasn’t so fussed. I guess I’m just a boring , regular porridge type of girl and I wasn’t really impressed with the added grains & things in the “porridge”. I’m not a museli fan so I can’t really rave about that either. Miss N made a fantastic “concoction” with hers – which was so good we ended up making grown up portions in shot glasses for a function. Needless to say she is super proud of herself! I looked, but alas, no photo, so you will just have to imagine…

  • Take a glass.
  • Add a tablespoon or two of honey.
  • Top with a few good dollops of Greek Yoghurt.
  • And then a packet of Hot or Cold muesli.
  • FANtastic! All in all, being brutally honest, I doubt I would buy this product all the time unless all three of them pestered me to do so (which, judging by Miss N’s sucess – just may happen!!).

    Mel says:

    I’m a big fan of the Table of Plenty products – the kids often have their yoghurt topped mini rice crackers for snacks and I always have some dukkah in the pantry, great for a quick healthy lunch dusted onto fish or chicken and before cooking. I love the fact that they are Australian owned and created by a Mum (with an inspiring reason behind it – click here to read Kate’s story…) So I was pretty quick to put my hand up when we were given the opportunity to try some out…

    In our house A1 had much the same reaction as Danni, he thought it was a little bland (though he often buys himself boxes of coco pops or nutra-grain, so perhaps not the best palate for tasting??) I was the opposite, I really liked the taste of it.
    Miss E wolfed down hers warm (though was bitterly disappointed there weren’t any raspberries or blueberries like there was in the serving suggestion on the box – that’s why it’s a Serving Suggestion, Miss E) and Master O had a little bit. The next day, topped with a dollop of yoghurt, success with both kids. So much so that Master O kept ducking in and out of the pantry throughout the day and following me around with a sachet asking for more (I kid you not, we have a fan)…
    I’ve tried it hot and cold with them and they both prefer it warm, which is perfect coming into Winter.

    I can’t stand the smell of milk, and even the thought of warm milk (unless disguised under a mountain of hot chocolate) makes me feel queasy. So I stuck with the muesli option. I found it tasty, with a big cinnamon burst. The right combination of oats and sultanas.

    It’s great as a quick, easy and healthy breakfast option. I’d say that if you have kids who are just starting to prepare their own breakfast, that this would be perfect.

    • They can grab a sachet.
    • It’s already portioned, so no spilling cereal from the box onto the floor.
    • It’s easy for them to make a warm breakfast quickly (in 90 seconds to be precise).

    We both received a pack each of the Museli to try. We were not paid for our review and all opinions expressed are our own…


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