Some table manners please…

We are living with a two year old and a four and a half year old. I swear they are not my kids – well at least at dinner time…. MY parents would disagree, I’m sure and say they are me all over. I’m in denial.

Last night was no exception. Miss E was balancing her peas on the bridge of her nose, and Master O was eating his with a yellow Tupperware half teaspoon measure. They both have proper eating utensils but at this point they seem to much prefer starting their meal with them (to lull us into a false sense of satisfaction) and then move onto hands, cups, hats, shoes – whatever is not tied down and is close at hand.

Yes, I’m sure we could force them to use their forks or spoons (no knives at this point it would only confuse matters or end up with ‘sword’ fights), but at this point I’m quite happy if they just eat SOMETHING. My kids aren’t particularly fussy eaters, there isn’t much they won’t eat, but they have to be in the mood to eat and by dinner time, it’s often only one of them that’s really happy to. I swear they alternate. We’ve given up on bribes, stern words etc. I’m happy if they just try it. Generally once they do they’ll eat a little something. If they don’t, then fine it’s bed time as usual when we all finish.

So if Master O wants to eat with a measuring spoon and Miss E wants to balance her peas first – then fine. In fact if she wants to snort her peas up her nose, I’ll still be happy because at least she is ingesting them some way or other. I figure they’ll eventually pick up their forks, spoons and (one day) knives once they are over balancing peas on their nose…

I also wasn’t hugely concerned as I knew that they did have a healthy smoothie for breakfast!
Great for when you want to get out the door quickly…

Banana, Strawberry & Oat Smoothie

You’ll Need
1 cup (100gm) Strawberries – frozen is fine
1 medium banana
1 cup (250gm) milk of your choice
1/4 cup (35gm) of oats
1 tablespoon of honey

  • Chuck it all into a blender and whiz/pulse until smooth.
    (If you have a Thermomix – Speed 8 for 1 minute.)
  • 20130519-194436.jpg


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