Latest & Greatest Kids Apps My Girls Love

My girls are really getting into the iPhone lately.  I recently upgraded to a new model and kept my old phone for them to use just for games (mainly just because I use my phone for EVERYTHING and was sick and tired of saying “No you can’t play a game on my phone or wiping crusty finger marks off the screen).

I thought I would share the few favourites they currently love..

Peppa Pig – Happy Mrs Chicken

Of course everyone is in love with Peppa Pig lately and there are a zillion different Apps to choose from.  This one has 6 games included and keeps my two chickens happy for ages!


Oooh...what a selection!

Oooh…what a selection!

IbiiTech Doll Salon

Similar to Dress Up Red Carpet series, this app has been great fun.  Pick a doll, give her an outfit and then find a background.  You can even use a photo (or take one) for a persoanlised background!  Miss N is loving this one!

I thought this little lady looked a bit like me!!

I thought this little lady looked a bit like me!!

ABC For Kids

By far and away our favourite!  Always changing, always interesting and fun.  Loads of Songs, Videop Clips and Games to choose from.

ABC For Kids

ABC For Kids

What are your current favourites???  Share The Good News!!  We would love to hear!!




  1. Kathryn says:

    I found a lovely ‘guess how much I love you’ iPad app yesterday… ‘free for a limited time’ so worth downloading soon!
    I also really like Goodnight Safari – the lite version is still a complete story with some good interactive elements 🙂

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