Tips To Organise Your Pantry

Something that’s been long overdue in my house! Last weekend I took the opportunity whilst Miss Z was asleep (because frankly – that girl can rip stuff apart faster than you can fix it!) and started on the two main offenders:

The offending corner cupboard.....amazing you can find anything in here!

The offending corner cupboard…..amazing you can find anything in here!

I pulled everything out, cleaned, sorted and arranged and did a good job of finding new homes for things I really don’t use that often.  This cupboard houses the items we use most often and it needs to be accessible!

Ahh Yes - Much Better!!

Ahh Yes – Much Better!!

Here on the (nice & tidy) top shelf you can see my secondary dinner set, basket of miscellaneous items and the large plastic box on the right which holds the children’s plates, cups and lunchboxes.

The bottom shelf has my recipe stand, large box of cake decorating items and these groovy little pull-out baskets I found in Kmart.  The two here are holding all my Bento acessories and Squeeze Em’s – easily accessible for fast lunch making:)

The second cupboard to be done was my “second” pantry.  Its basically a large storage cupboard in the hall however since the main pantry is tiny – this does the job of holding the bulk of our goods (and yes eagle eye, also the ironing board and vacuum).

OK, so its a bit of a mess...

OK, so its a bit of a mess…

I used a stack of the groovy pull-out conatiners from Kmart again here.  At $3 each they were a real bargain and have a great little handle which makes grabbing what you need really easy.  I have arranged similar items into each so one is gluten free (for Nan), one is chocolate & sweets, one dried fruits, one for nuts, three for baking goods (colours, flavours, sprinkles, edible pens, etc) and one for lunchbox snacks.

I swapped everything around and put three huge tupperware boxes on the bottom shelf to hold all the packets of flours, Quinoa, Bulgar Wheat, etc.    All the canned goods were stacked on a shelf on the LHS (grouped so I know when I’m running low on something) and the bigger items (extra shampoo & conditioner, hand soap, miscellaneous boxes and bottles etc) on a high shelf out of everyday reach.

A place for everything and everything in its place!

A place for everything and everything in its place!

Two cupboards down, at least another 5 to go!!!!



  1. bubble936 says:

    Thanks for sharing. My pantry is in need of organisation and your pics will definitely motivate me to do so……

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