Jimmy Giggle, Jimmy Giggle!!

I was looking through my phone yesterday to find evidence of what we did this past week, in the hope that it might provide me with some blog post inspiration.

According to my photo library, we did this…
And this…
And this…
And judging by the foot, Master O designed up this in Toca Tailor whilst in the car…
Obviously I give the kids my phone to play with waaay too much.

I also made Danni’s sushi… It’s been a while, I didn’t put in enough vinegar with the rice, but I’d forgotten how easy it was to make – yay! This one was my dinner at work, I even had some stashed fishy soy sauces to use with it so felt like the real thing.
But, we did do cool things this week too. By far our biggest excitement of the week was this…
We got to meet Jimmy Giggle!! Along with everyone else with kids who made it to Agfest on Saturday, but still, I don’t know who was more excited, myself or Miss E. Actually I think it was me, she was just in AWE! Please ignore my flat hair, it was freezing earlier that morning and I’d only just removed my beanie (should have left it on!)
He was lovely with every single child, kind, generous with his time, appreciative of drawings given to him, didn’t talk down to the kids – what a great guy!

What did everyone else get up to on the weekend?



  1. Who cares what I did! You win hands down. Doesn’t get much cooler than meeting Jimmy Giggle.

    Oh dear, the transformation is complete. I am now a daggy mumsy.

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