Go Ahead, I Challenge You!

#FoxInFlatsStyleDare  Orange Lipstick! (Never Again)

#FoxInFlatsStyleDare Orange Lipstick! (Never Again)

This month is all about Challenges.  I’ve decided its time to get off my butt and starting investing a little more time into myself.

I read a great article recently (and bugger me now I can’t find it to share!) about a Google Employee who set himself a simple challenge for a month and was so surprised at how well he did that he kept going and now challenges himself with something different all the time.  Its amazing how dull and drone-like we can become when we don’t take care of ourselves.

SO. This May I have decided  to set myself a few challenges.  3 simple things that will help me feel better, look better and regain a little of that self-pride:

Fox in Flats “Style Dare A Day”.  I love the FIF blog, and even though I’m now a Part Time works-in-an-office mum instead of a Full Time WAH one, I figure its still a great opportunity;

Move It!!  – An exercise every day.  A walk after work, a boxing class or a jog with the dog – as long as I do something!

A Treat A Week – Something special just for me.  A coffee & cake for one, a massage, a new nail polish, it doesn’t have to be expensive, its just got to be for me!

I’m happy to share my month of challenges with anyone and everyone who wants in.  Feel Free to check out the Facebook or Twitter pages for updates & progress!   Remember to hashtag in to join!  #FoxinFlatsStyleDare #HYBMove it! #HYBTreatAWeek

White Shirt #FoxinflatsStyleDare

#FoxInFlatsStyleDare White Shirt. Quite Obvously – I need to shop!



  1. […] on from post awhile back about wanting to spend more time on myself, I have finally given in and joined a gym.  Not just any gym either – one of those fancy […]

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