Worldly Wednesday – Pretty in Pink Raspberry ice-pops

I think I’m vainly hanging onto those memories of Summer Days! We’ve had our fire on at night for the last week or two, but the days are still sunny and warm enough for me to almost justify making these pretty pink treats!

This is a nod to my childhood memories of my Mum making me ‘icy poles’ with just milk shaken with a bit of topping. Just slightly fancier…

Simple to whip up with any fruit that you have a glut of – I used some raspberries from Dad’s garden that he had frozen. It would be equally as good with sweet strawberries or mango or a mix of fruits.

Pretty in Pink Raspberry Ice-Pops

1 x 270ml can of coconut cream (I used reduced fat, but full cream would be even better)
1.5 cups of frozen (or fresh) raspberries
1 tspn of sugar – adjust to your tastes and the sweetness of your fruit

The how to

  • Chuck everything into a blender and whiz up until smooth (or 10 seconds at speed 6 in the Thermomix).


  • Pour into your icy-pole moulds.


  • Freeze until completely solid. Easy as that!


Simple and sweet!



  1. bubble936 says:

    Thanks for this healthy ice pops recipe – my son loves ice pops…..

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