Road Test Tuesday – Red Nose Day Baby Wipes & Giveaway!

Hey Mums, did you Nose?

There is a great new product out that we can all purchase to support Red Nose Day all year round!

As we all know, Red Nose Day is a great campaign supporting the vital research into Stillbirth, SIDS and Safe Sleeping Practices. As Mums, this is close to all of our hearts and I know you (as well as us) really appreciate the work that goes into this research. God forbid, it could be one of our children that need this type of help. That’s why its so important that we in turn, support them.

Instead of buying a red nose once a year, you can now purchase packets of these Red Nose Day Wipes instead of your regular wipes. Its not a huge change and you can be happy in the knoweledge you are supporting a good cause.

Red Nose Wipes are:

  • Australian owned and made
  • FSC Certified
  • Not too wet, not too dry
  • They come in a pack of 100 Wipes and each purchase supports research into stillbirth, SIDS and safe sleeping practices
  • You can purchase Red Nose Day Wipes all year round from Bambini Pronto for $5.99

What Danni Says:

Firstly, I was surprised that the scented wipes were not too stinky (compared to some). We don’t use scented wipes as both my girls have pretty sensitive skins, however I was determined to try them out anyway. I’m happy to report we have had no breakouts!!! I can’t believe it! I’m not sure if the wipes are using a different perfume or if Miss Z is just getting a tougher skin!. The unscented ones have been just as good (and I must admit I do always prefer wipes with no perfume). I’ve used both types to wipe down the highchair and other things too (noses, hands, café tables after my children get at them with drinks etc. etc.

I normally buy wipes from ALDI (love them!) and I must say these are just as good. They are strong, just “wet” enough and have done a pretty good job in our house so far. The only thing I don’t like is that the dispenser hole is WAYYY to small. If one gets stuck its fiddly to get out and if Miss Z pulls out 6 at a time its a bit of a pain to shove them all back in again. Other than that – definitely a winner! I just hope they bring out a mega pack so I can easily transfer wipes in bulk to my (super funky and very useful) handbag wipe containers:)

What Mel Says:

We generally only use unscented wipes in this house too, due to two kiddies with quite sensitive skin, so I’ve been using the unscented ones at Master O’s nappy change times and the scented ones for wiping sticky hands and faces, snotty noses, the kitchen table after dinner, my mobile phone after the kids have played with it etc. so both types have dealt with the worst that our household has to offer…

After a few days of cleaning faces with the scented wipes and no reactions, I also tried them on Master O’s bottom – and no reaction. So, the same as Danni – I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m a big fan. I really don’t like a certain big brand wipe (from the people that also make those big brand nappies – which I do use) because even though they say thick and strong they tend to rip coming out of the pack. Their ’embossing’ also makes them feel almost scratchy. So I was really impressed with the Red Nose Wipes.

They are thinner, but very strong (they don’t tear or rip) with a bit of stretch, the right amount of moisture to get stubborn sticky messes off bottoms, faces, hands and tables, and they feel soft on skin. I usually use Curash wipes, and these are very similar, but the Red Nose wipes are bigger and they have 20 more wipes to a pack. As a price comparison the Curash wipes are currently $5.41/pack at Coles (which works out at $6.76/100 wipes) as are the other certain big brand wipes that I mentioned above. So at $5.99 a pack for 100 they are on the money with value, and because of the larger size wipes you don’t need to use as many. Not to mention you are supporting a very worthy cause. I’ll certainly be adding them to my cart when I do my next Bambini Pronto order.

The Exciting News!

Our friends at Bambini Pronto are providing 50 packs of Red Nose Wipes to give away to our readers. So you can feel good about wiping dirty bottoms too! That’s two packs per lucky reader (one scented and one unscented). Just comment below with your worst nappy change story. The 25 most creative (funny/outrageous/make us feel better when changing our squirmy worms) will receive two packs to try for themselves. So start commenting now!

Entries close midnight (AEST) 14th May. Please ensure you have your email address linked with your comment profile or comment with your email address so that we can contact you to arrange for delivery. Judges (that’s Danni and I) decision is final. Open to Australian residents only…

Danni and I both received two packs of Red Nose Wipes for review. We were not paid for our review and all opinions expressed are our own (as well as those of our children’s sticky hands and faces and stinky bottoms)…



  1. My daughter was 5 days old, I took her nappy off ready for a bath in the kitchen sink. On our way out she thought it would be the perfect time to poo all over me! Cue loud screams from me

  2. Kristy cutforth says:

    I remember one nappy change about a year ago that involved explosive #2’s all up my sons back and right down his legs and all over his clothes…no idea how it happened but was by far the worst nappy change I’ve ever done with either child haha

  3. My son had started solids, and we were changing his bum. He decided “help” by whipping his nappy out from under his bum and spreading little poo pellets across his room. Lucky I ducked!!!

  4. My 2 year old girl was so excited to have a little sister to help mummy change, feed, bathe etc…

    She watched all our new routine and commented with great enthusiasm…

    I once made the mistake of saying “Omg you could paint the walls with that avacado bubba” to our new arrival’s present in her nappy!

    A few hours later it happened again and quick as a flash Miss 2 said “Mummy where’s my paintbrush!” ha ha

  5. melissa mowbray sabell says:

    changing my 10 weeks old dirty nappy, all cleaned and then suddenly a big squirt came flying out all over change table and made it all the way onto the floor. i am lucky i moved my head quick enough. Mean while bubs in laying there smiling away

  6. Tammy Maskrey says:

    My daughter was a few months old and in her bouncinette happily playing with her legs up high on the toy bar when we suddenly noticed a huge poo explosion (bad reaction to mango it turned out) had happened out the side of her nappy and she was happily poking her fingers in it and rubbing it in her hair and toys and laughing the whole time. Ewww to nappy changing time and clean up of bouncinette!!! Lots and lots of wipes needed then, yuk!

    • dannijh says:

      Ha! Tammy I can totally understand that! we had a similar situation with Miss Z at her cousins Baptism (right in the middle of church too – gross!)

  7. Melinda Kemp says:

    Our first child was born a week before our 2nd wedding anniversary. Only days out of hospital we decided we’d take our new little man to the restaurant that we held our wedding reception at in Cronulla. Half way there (and very dressed up for the occasion) our new bub was screaming so we pulled in to a service station which also happened to have a McDonalds next door. As we were driving a 4WD we put the boot down and both my husband and I proceeded to slowly and carefully change his nappy. No sooner was the nappy off and bub decided to go again and a #2 shot out between us and landed a metre away on the pavement. It seemed hilarious as first time parents although had it hit us on the way out possibly not so much! And I’m sure the diners at McDonalds were less than impressed with their lunch time view!

  8. Narelle Rock says:

    My husband changing his first nappy when our daughter was a few weeks old, thought it was easy until she started to do #2’s and then wees at the same time, he freaked out ‘It’s coming out of everwhere…please help me’!! was pretty funny to stand there and watch before rescuing him from the situation!

  9. ashley van leuveren says:

    Not long after my son had started solids, he did a poo-nami! I thought it was just a normal poo at first but as started to take off his onesie I noticed that it has exploded out of the leg holes. It was all over him. I didn’t know where to start as it was all over his clothes and him. I had to call for back up- my husband. One had to hold him up and carefully remove the onesie and then the nappy. After trying to wipe the mess away we just gave up and put him in the bath.

    • We used to have poo-namis too. Even worse with Master O as he had to go onto formula at around 4 months and originally reacted to the formula until we found the right one for him. Cue incredibly stinky poonamis. It’s incredible how much can come out of such a small creature 😉

  10. Well I have had many messy nappy times. The one that really stands out would be when I was really tired and having a nap with my 2nd baby. My 1st comes in and says poo poo. The first thing that’s hits me is the smell… I open my eyes and there is poo all over his hands and face. I jump up off the bed and I notice its all over his back and clothing. So I get him all cleaned up. I decide to go into the living room and sure enough it was all over the floor and couch. Mind you I never took a nap again unless they were both napping. 🙂

  11. Jessica Sulda says:

    I’d just got my son out of the shower all nice and clean when he had a poo explosion all over himself, the clean towels the clean change table cover, me and the floor – lucky I’d put down a mat on the floor as we have carpet in our rental. Took him back to Dad in the shower and he pooed all over him in the shower too. Funny night lol

  12. Louise Johnston says:

    My beautiful little 6 month old exploded out the side of her nappy while sitting in her high chair. The poor puppy sitting underneath ended up with it all over her nose! I couldn’t cope I ended up on the floor laughing with my husband chasing the dog with a wipe trying to clean her poor nose!

  13. Waiting for the GP to call us in, noticed my 2month old girl had a”code brown”, all the way through her clothes! A quick nappy change…. Oh No- I didn’t have a spare nappy packed! I packed her button up singlet with wipes and wrapped a blanket around her bottom half (it was 40deg outside!!!) Of course my GP wanted a cuddle!!! I held my breath- thank goodness she didn’t notice!!!!

    • dannijh says:

      Jarni – Code Brown?!!! That’s fantastic! I love it so much I’m going to steal it and use it myself:)
      Doctors should be used that stuff anyway right??:)

  14. Sarah Clark says:

    Miss E was about 8 months old and was being changed on the change table by dadda. As she’d only just started solid was finding it hard to push out poo’s at times so when he was changing her wet nappy, he must’ve pushed a little to hard on her belly and out shot a 5cm poo STRAIGHT INTO HIS MOUTH. I’m not joking! Obviously he was totally disgusted and dry reaching, when I came into find out what all the fuss was I noticed the poo on the floor and I hear and tell this story to anyone who thinks they’ve had it bad. I still laugh about it when he changes our No. 3’s Nappies now. He still dry reaches thinking about it now lol!

    • dannijh says:

      Sarah. That is utterly gross and hilarious!!! (My nephew ones puked into my mouth when I was tossing him in the air) THIS one takes the cake!!!

  15. When you have a baby, naturally you should have at least one nappy and some wipes to carry around whenever and wherever you go. This one time i had to quickly ducked into our local shopping mall and somehow i did not have any in my handbag – then my baby suddenly had a poo explosion… That time i was nearby Target and i thought this is a good timing to pick up my ‘new mothers bounty bag’ which is surely packed with nappies and wipes samples. Bounty bag saved me…

  16. 8months old Aayan done a poo when he was in the pram when I picked him up & come in the room for change,suddenly realized there is a thick line of poo about 10″ on my new dress.I was surprised how it happens right that moment some special guest comes at home,not in the condition to go out.when I take off his pant his nappy leaked & his legs were covered with poo.wash him then change me dress & come out.

  17. Tia Cronin says:

    I was changing an explosive number 3 from my Son — Went to put a new nappy on and lifted his legs and boom! More came out I could not believe how much poo comes out of a tiny little human being! It literally came out like you had stood on a toothpaste tube (insert surprised face here!) At this point I decided to just give him a bath (kept him naked and on my hip (worst mistake I ever made)) – While running the bath I had him sitting on my knee, did I mention naked? I thought I was safe – but no I felt something warm in between my toes, yes my toes! And all over my leg and on the floor :/ Never the less we both showered together – me clothes and all. I have never seen so much poo in all my life! I suppose that what I get for a BF baby that only poo’ed once every 10-12 days!!

    • Oh wow. Wow! Every ten days? Bet you started to get nervous at every change coming up to that 10 day mark!

      • Tia Cronin says:

        Yep every 10 days or so…It was scary every time I had to go out around the time where I think he was going to go :/

    • Hi Tia – you’re another one of our comp winners. We’ve sent you an email, but we haven’t heard back with your details. Can you please email us at ASAP so that we can get the wipes out to you 🙂

  18. Being a new mummy and still learning the ropes. I recently changed my sons nappy not realising I hadn’t given him enough time to “finish his business”. So once the nappy was off, he thought it would be an great idea to continue with his number 2’s. Mummy has definitely learnt her lesson…..

  19. Nerissa Downes says:

    Funny, changing stoies, well as the parent of two boys I have a plethora from feeling like I am trying to put a nappy on an agry octopus, good lord my boys can roll over, all arms and legs and stand up as quick as you can say “please don’t…..” done. From once they are standing up and you bend down to grab a nappy and stand up in time for them to squeal with delight and wee all over you…. the enjoyment of that particlar part of the ananotomy starts VERY early let me tell you! you have stories of watching my youngest laugh every time he sits on the change table and presses his manhood as though its a button, his delight truly was doubled the day I made a “ding dong” noise when he did it 🙂 his latest enjoyment is currently when he is on the change table he likes to roll onto his tummy push up into a pyramid pose and peer out at me between his legs whilst cackling and shouting ooh ooh at me….. *sigh* boys!

  20. I was changing my bub’s nappy on the changing station and then she did a “shotgun squirt” across the room. Right on target – hitting my husband that was relaxing on the bed (went a little below his heart). Surely we didn’t see that coming 🙂

  21. bubble936 says:

    After dropping my 5 year old at school I decided to go for a quick supermarket trip to buy some milk and bread with my 8 month old baby .In the morning rush hour I totally forgot to keep my baby’s nappy bag in the car. After shopping when I was going to buckle up the baby in the car I smelled something- on checking I came to know that there was a bad potty explosion which has spoiled the dress as well. Initially I thought I will keep something on the seat n buckle up the baby n will clean everything at home. But there was nothing in the car that I can keep on the seat so I went back to woolworths with my baby in my arms n bought a travel pack of diapers ,a small pack of nappies and a romper and changed the baby in the car ( I was so scared to clean the exploded potty in the car and it took so much time to clean n dress up the baby ).since that day I have kept a spare nappy bag with diapers, wipes and a dress which will always be there in the car and I will always have things handy when in need.

  22. The First time I had been brave enough to take my toddler and my newborn for an outing, we hadn’t even arrived at the shops before I smelt that unremarkable scent of new baby poo…
    Pulled her out of the car to realise she had blown the nappy, held her at arms length, whilst trying to wrangle a toddler up to the baby change room. Only to discover I hadn’t packed a spare outfit- of all days! Had to race into Best & Less, with a newborn covered in poop and a toddler who just wanted to ride on the Thomas the Tank engine money sucker, pick a cute but cheap outfit, race back into the change room, totally strip her off, bathe her in the over-sized sink (I think they have them there for moments like this!) Dry her off with oodles of paper towel, dress her, finally take a breathe and realise I survived my first public poo explosion, and have a giggle with the mum who was feeding her bub beside me… I think I would have cried If she hadn’t have been there!

  23. Natasha says:

    I had been eyeing off a gorgeous little outfit for my little miss for weeks but couldn’t justify the cost. I ended up giving in and buying it as a one off splurge. The first time she wore it we went on a ferry ride to spend the day in Manly. She had the lest poosplosion ever! It was so bad it went all through her nappy and ruined her outfit. There was nowhere to rinse it and the smell was so bad a had to throw the outfit in the bin! A day I will never ever forget! Needless to say I have never brought expensive clothes for the little ones again!!!

    • Hi Natasha – you’re another one of our comp winners – yay!! We’ve sent you an email, but we haven’t heard back with your details – not so yay 😦
      Can you please email us at ASAP so that we can get the wipes out to you 🙂

  24. Stephanie Young says:

    One day after having a nap while my 2 week old daughter did, I woke to this strange pungent smell. I could hear her moving around in her basinette so I got up and peeked in to see her and EVERYTHING in the basinette COVERED! (and I mean covered) In POO!!!!!! My body froze I had no idea where to even start there was poo from here to kingdom come! I had to call hubby in who was just as shocked as me and we tackled the major poo-plosion as a team starting with the squirmmy pooey still beautiful Summer. A day I wished never to re-live until typing this!

  25. Michelle V says:

    The worst nappy change story would have to be when I had to change my youngest daughter’s nappy, and her cousin’s aswell, who is just 5 months younger. I was babysitting her at the time,and thought I’d change both nappies at the same time.
    I started with my daughter, and yep, number 2 GALORE!!! Meanwhile, her cousin had decided it’d be fun to pull at the tabs on her nappy and expose what little present she had instore for Aunty Mish! Number 2 GALORE..AGAIN!!!!
    So there I was, struggling to change them both at once as they squirmed and squealed.

  26. jess roberts says:

    As new parents my partner and I were a bit shocked at our daughters first poo-plosion. Luckily for me it was Daddy’s turn to change the nappy, so I went back to cooking dinner. At first I ignored all the profanities coming from the loungeroom but then I hear “Jess I need some help” and turns out our lovely daughter had done a squirter poo all over the changemat, the lounge and Daddy! The most hilarious thing is that she got Daddy about 4 times, but never once pooed on me!

  27. Lunch at the club, white pants and a poo-slosion. Have never worn white pants again- ever!

  28. Sarah Jackson says:

    Mine would have to be master now 3, at the time he was about 8mths we were out shopping, why do these things always happen when your leaving not returning home… Anyway number 2 explosion all out the side up his back… Then a odd warm feeling on my leg, yep exploded all over me… The joys required me to buy new clothes.

  29. LittlePoppet says:

    Bath time for DD. Had the bath all set up ready to go, gave little miss to daddy to put in the bath and off they went. About 2 minutes later I hear ‘Oh man, that is SO disgusting” so I venture in to see what the drama was. Turns out the warm water on the little ones tummy made an explosion happen. Not nice to clean up, but thankful it happened because she had been having poo troubles for a couple of weeks. I’d rather dirty bath water than a constipated grumpy baby any day!!

  30. Melinda says:

    When my oldest was a month old we took her to a birthday party that was a fair drive away from our house. So we were running a bit late & hurrying & got her out of the car in her capsule & took her over to the party. My husband picks her up out of the capsule & there is poo from her neck down her back & out her legs & all over the baby capsule. So we had to do a very awkward nappy change & clean up in the back of the car (which was super awkward with a first baby when we didnt really know what we were doing) & have a wonderful drive home with a stinky car capsule that we cleaned up as best as we could with baby wipes.

  31. rubi merc says:

    Twas a strange day indeed.

    The sky was a murky brown

    And something in the air just didn’t smell right.

    I gazed at it, with half a smile, half a frown,

    When I felt something warm and yet strangely cold

    Trickle down my face, just in line of my sight.

    Was it rain? I wondered, touching my face,

    As cobwebs of sleep slowly lifted…and I woke to find

    My murky brown sky plastered on my face.

    At first I thought I was out of my mind,

    But realization gradually dawned when I looked at my smiling daughter.

    I placed the smell, I traced the smell,

    Right down to my little imp, smelling rather fell,

    And then she said, patting my face with more,

    “Mommy look! I decorated your face! Do you want some more?”

  32. We were on a crowded train. We had seats but the train was full of people standing. My 1.5yo was in his pram and we were on our way home. About 20mins from our destination, he did the smelliest explosion! The toilets on these trains are so small and no facilities to change a baby. My poor little man had to sit in his poo for the remainder of the journey as there was no way I could expose the other commuters to this smell by opening his nappy! By the time we got to our station, it had leaked and a full clothes change was required. I was so glad he had such a great day at the zoo that he was in great spirits and not whinging at all. My poor little man.

  33. The night my baby was born(feb this year,) she did a number 3 meconium explosive poo and while juggling her, to clean her and the mess she made she proceeded to wee all over me and the floor!! Perfect 😉

    • Emma Dosser says:

      My daughter had done quite a big explosion in her nappy which had not put on properly, so as my husband picked her up poo was all over her, the carpet mat and floor, resulting in having to get the guerney out to hose down..As he was cleaning everything up with poo every where friends arrived un expected- awkward!

      • Hi Emma! You’re another one of our comp winners. We’ve sent you an email, but we haven’t heard back with your details. Can you please email us at ASAP so that we can get the wipes out to you – hopefully you can start using those instead of a gurney at change time 😉

  34. Kristin Santi says:

    One morning after working a little late I got up to change baby boys nappy only to discover it was sparkling with sequins. His father had left him playing with his older sister who had decided to do craft and Daddy hadn’t quite got there fast enough before he ate a handful of sequins. It was an unexpected shock.

  35. Melanie Moran says:

    Missy did the biggest “Poonami” whilst shopping!! Struggling to change her clothes and nappy in the car, carpark rage erupted behind me. I’m not leaving!!!

  36. Tammy Baxter says:

    Our daughter was about 6 weeks old and we were at the Parent’s Group meeting. During a breastfeed, she let out this god almighty explosion that rumbled through the entire hall and everyone looked at us and giggled. We took her to the table at the back of the room to change her, and it was not a number 3, it was a number 6 – everywhere. We removed her onsie and I noticed some on the front of her singlet, so I removed it, not realising that it was all over the inside of her singlet too. Needless to say, she ended up with poo smeared up her cheek, in her eyebrows and in her hair. It was cold, she was naked and screaming like a banchie. Rookie mistake – no change of clothes either so I had to duck to the shops and buy her a whole new outfit…

  37. In an Italian city with our 10 month old baby, the inevitable stinky nappy change required, no suitable place in sight. Try a large baby shop hoping for a baby change facility. None there, but they happily offered use of a displayed change table! Ewwhh I’m sure sales were down with that stink in the shop. We took a photo – as this really did happen!

  38. We took our 1 month old to our friend’s wedding and she thankfully slept through the ceremony, however, afterwards when everyone was mingling and wanting cuddles, we could feel rumbles down there. My hubby graciously went to find a spot to change her and sure enough she had done an explosive poo all up her back and pretty dress. He didn’t realise I had packed a spare onesie in the nappy bag, so after he cleaned her all up, he brought her back out wearing just a nappy and her pretty cardigan which only had one button so her belly was all exposed. I wonder how many people thought we left the house with her dressed like that!

  39. When our baby boy was 8 days old we headed off on the 1.5 hour journey to the airport to pick up family who would be meeting him for the first time. The baby was dressed to impress in his cutest clothes and we were hurtling along the highway in a euphoric new parent haze, when we noticed a stench coming from the back seat… We were already running late having underestimated the time required to organise and pack for a newborn so we “quickly” pulled over to the side of the road to change his nappy… Well… nobody had warned us about the horror that is a “number 3”. We learnt that pearler the hard way. Think squished poop all the way up to the babys neck! We didnt even know that was possible! All over the car seat, all over his clothes, all over my clothes… There were not enough baby wipes in the world to fix our predicament.
    The text message we sent to our family waiting at the airport read: “Running late. Has been an incident… Will explain when we get there”.
    It was in this that moment the romance of our shiny perfect newborn was shattered into the reality of what parenting actually involves 🙂

  40. My first outing as a new mum (BY MYSELF!) and about 15 minutes into a 40 minute journey I hear noises in the back seat. I smile to myself that my 3 week old bub was doing a poo. Once we arrived, I knew he needed to be changed so decided to get him out of the capsule straight away, rather than carry it in. I reached in and felt a very warm, wet and slippery baby! the capsule was full!! It was up to his neck and all around his tummy! Poor little man was not very happy either. I had to wash out the capsule liner and dry it at our friends house – needles to say morning tea turned into a whole days visit! So much for visiting people with a new baby!

  41. I think my worst one was the very first #3 that my daughter did. Of course we were out at a new mums group and it had gone EVERYWHERE. I was scared enough about changing a nappy in public but having to clean that up was frightening. I think all the new mums felt sorry for me but little did we know that it was to become a very frequent occurence 😦

  42. Mary O'Dea says:

    My partner decided to change our 5 month old little mans nappy one day, just after starting him on solids. He thought it was just a wee. To his surprise when opening the nappy, bubba was pooing. Next think I heard “oh, you are pooing”. I quickly ran up to the change table. My partner had pushed the nappy back over and was dry reaching and commented ” the poo looks like vegies, how does that happen”. He checked whether bubba had finished by pulling the nappy down again. All I heard was awwwwww! and he covered it up again. He waited another 10 seconds, pulled the nappy down again, said “you need to take over and ran to the bathroom dry reaching. I just calmly waited and changed the nappy. Don’t see what all the drama was about lol.

  43. After a day visiting my sister with my 2 month old baby I returned home to find a poo explosion all through the capsule and right up to my babies shoulders, it was everywhere! I took her clothes off and and realised that my sister who changed her before I left had put my babies nappy on backwards!! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I rang her up laughing and she said, well I thought it looked wrong when I put it on her!!!

  44. daisyandmister says:

    3am all was still and quiet as i attempted to resettle Miss T after the usual early morning newborn feed. That was, until nature called. Noting distinctive scent emanating from madams nappy I proceeded to the change table. HD who had kindly risen from a restful slumber to check on my absence watched on as I changed the messy nappy.

    Turning to chat to HD whilst I changed Miss T, I watched his facial expression change. What was a 3am poker face quickly changed to a smirk followed by raucous laughter!

    Unable to establish the source of his laughter I turned back to Miss T who had proceeded to go round 2 of number 2’s coating my hand and pyjamas.

    Needless to say I wasn’t sure which to deal with first, messy baby, messy mummy or HD with a messed up attitude!

  45. Kathryn says:

    Lesson learned just yesterday: when baby’s eyes are watering (a sure sign of a #2) and the tell-tale accompanying smell starts drifting your way, don’t get to the dirty nappy so quickly that you take it off while the process is still underway. Ugh.

  46. As I was putting a fresh nappy on my baby boy, he squirts pee all over not just his fresh nappy but also across the wall, and also his boy and face! He ended up having another bath, which he loves!

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