Mother’s Day Round Up!

Its Mother’s Day coming up (Sunday 12th of May for those that need reminding) what do you have planned for yourself and/or your Mum?

Here’s a few gift ideas that will be sure to make the Mum in your life smile…

  • For the Mum that likes to soak…

Mum TulipHow cute are these flower bubble wands from Lush? There is also a Chrysanthemum flower, a butterfly and a dishwashing fairy one as well (get me anything involved with dishwashing for Mother’s Day and I’ll slap you)… But the two flowers and butterfly would make a cute little bouquet don’t you think? $9.50-$9.95 available in store or online from Lush Cosmetics. For a truly decadent gift, add a new book from her favourite author or a magazine; some chocolate; a scented candle and a bottle of sparkling wine. Bliss in the bathtub!



  • A frame full of memories…

PosterCandy, starting at $19.95, from
This may or may not be what I got my Mum for Mother’s Day (I’m 99% positive she doesn’t read the blog, but if she does, NO this is NOT what I got my Mum)… In fact it may not be yet anyway because I’m seriously planning on stealing it for myself! Either way I’m not sharing a picture of my finished poster in case Mum does take a stealthy look at the blog-she’ll still have the pictures as a surprise!

As soon as I heard about Postercandy, I was pretty close to jumping up and down excited! I’d seen overseas companies that printed out your instagram shots, but not an Australian one. I’d held off getting them done, and now, here it was, someone local (they also ship to NZ)!

Setting up the poster is easy, you select your size (I chose the smallest, 30 x 40cm, which is still a great size and costs $19.95), log into your Instagram account, select the photos you want to use and click to place them where you want. I did this from my phone, and it worked fine. When you add your poster to your cart, I definitely suggest clicking on the link under your image that says “Share poster preview FREE” and emailing it to yourself for a final check over. I actually had a double in my original poster and had submitted it without realising. It wasn’t until later that night when sharing the poster image on Instagram that I noticed. I generally pride myself on being a good proof/copy reader. What an idiot! I emailed the Postercandy people in the hope that they hadn’t already processed and printed my order. A reply arrived first thing in the morning. They are super efficient and had already printed it, but were so very kind as to provide me with a code so that I could fix my image and not be charged for it. I am SO grateful as that double-up would have bugged me every time I looked at it! So five star customer service right there!

I reordered mine on a Thursday and it arrived on my doorstep in Tassie on the Monday morning, well packaged and a little sweet treat included too! My main concern was how well the images would look printed. They look fab and I am so excited! Loving their service and will be back for more! (FYI – they are sized to fit Ikea frames. Since we are sadly lacking in the Ikea front here, I ventured to Target and they had lovely frames to fit too)…

  • A sleep in and a cup of tea…

So I can’t work out if it would be more embarrassing being caught out having to sign for an early morning parcel delivery in these PJ’s or my daggy dressing gown, but it has the cute and comfy factor at the very least. Perfect for Mother’s Day sleep in and a cup of tea in bed (Disney Bambi by Arabella Ramsey are available from Target Online for $49).
And so to the cup of tea. For me, even though it IS a kids tea cup, I just can’t go past this Alba the Owl teacup from T2. Let’s face it, I’m dreaming if I think I’m going to get a human sized cup of tea downed while still hot unless I’m at work, or both kids have started school! In the meantime, this one makes me smile. For $12, it’s individual and cute and chuck in some yummy tea (Gorgeous Geisha or a Peppermint for me) and some biscuits made with love and it’s sure to make Mum happy.

If all else fails – breakfast in bed and a special card made by the kids makes my heart sing xxx

All the above items in my opinion are awesome. This is not a sponsored post, I was not paid or compensated in any way to write about these items. I just LIKE them!


Read it? Like it? Hated it? - we welcome you to leave a comment!

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