Road Test Tuesday – FunBites Cube-it!

For those of you that may have seen any of my early Toddler Tastes posts, you’ll know that I love a good tasting plate for the kids. Recently with the advent of school I’ve really been getting into making fun bento-style lunchboxes for Miss E.

Since she doesn’t like to sit still for long, I find small amounts of different foods keep her interest for longer than a big plate of only a couple of things, so the bento concept is perfect for us. I’ve been playing around with shapes and picks and cutters trying to tempt her with cute offerings.

Which is why I was very excited to receive a FunBites Cube It cutter to road-test.
(Love the funky green colour too!)

I like to create cute lunches, but with the least amount of work.
The Cube It makes lots of little bite-size squares out of all kinds of foods. Our favourites were:

  • Sandwiches
  • Watermelon
  • Rockmelon
  • Museli slices
  • Cheese – pick the right cheese and thickness though, our first one was a bit too crumbly, but then we tried with mozzarella – perfect! I’d imagine that Edam or Colby or slices would work well too
  • It’s really simple to use, you just position the cutter on top of your sandwich, fruit etc.
    Press down, then rock it backwards and forwards 5-6 times to allow it to cut through.
    Lift the cutter, insert the popper section into the cutter and push down on the popper. Et voila! Cubes!

    Click here to see a video demo of it in use…

    The first lunch I made for Miss E, I decided I would use different types of bread and spell out the letter ‘E’ in her lunchbox. A1 swears the E wasn’t obvious at all, Miss E proved otherwise. She was pretty excited to see ‘her E’ in there!
    She also had some carrot sticks; salami and tomato ‘flowers’ with some thinly sliced celery for garnish, and some little cubes of watermelon (using the cutter again) – perfect size for little fingers and mouths.

    I would say that at first I thought that the cutter was too small for our bread size, but I quickly learnt to reposition after cutting to create a new row and use up the whole slice. There is much less waste on this than my shaped cutters which are so VERY cute but end up with me eating sandwich bits late at night when I am making school lunch. That’s a win for my diet! I am now left with only the crust, which Miss E rarely eats anyway, and you can always freeze these to process for later use as breadcrumbs as I often do.

    This lunch saw me create little stacks of honey sandwich cubes, held together with our garden picks. This is a whole sandwich, but doesn’t seem like such a huge amount, which is great for someone like Miss E who can not only get bored easily but can also be a bit overwhelmed by a whole sandwich.
    The lunch also contained, a mandarin; cheese cubes, mini roma tomatoes and cabana; grissini sticks; yoghurt topped rice cakes; puffed corn & craisins.

    A close-up of the sandwich stacks…

    This next one is my favourite so far. Thin wedges of orange and apple (the acid in the orange stops the apple from browning); grape & rockmelon ‘magic wands’; more honey sandwiches (this time topped with a few little orange sprinkles to match the accidental orange and green theme I had created); and jelly which had been made with some raspberry & pomegranate juice. She loved this lunch!


    This last box contains: rice bubble slice; strawberries & cubed snow peas; watermelon & rockmelon; jelly with an orange wedge ‘boat’; a left over twice-baked potato from dinner the previous night; and some bocconcini cheeses.
    A close-up of the melons…
    A close-up of the rice bubble slice. I was really impressed with how this cut as the slice is quite crumbly. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the edges are smooth and defined.

    Some other things I like:

  • BPA free
  • Although they recommend handwashing, it is dishwasher safe, just make sure it’s top shelf and you sit the popper inside the cutter rather than keeping them seperate. We had no issues with it in the dishwasher.
  • Easy to use with no sharp blades – something that E could safely use on softer fruits and sandwiches. Because you are rocking the cutter you don’t have to apply a lot of pressure to cut through.
  • The popper pushes out the cut pieces, so you aren’t trying to disentangle pieces from the cutter like you do with many other shape cutters with small pieces.
  • I love the versatility of the squares, they work well in boys or girls lunchboxes and they are so easy to adapt to different themes by use of a different ingredient or topping or just by
    the way in which you arrange them.
  • There is also a Luv It cutter available which makes cute heart and triangle shapes. I’ve seen them both available in Australia from Neat 2 Eat, Cool Things & Lunch Boxes With Love for between $12.95-$14.00.


    No payment was received for this post, however I did receive a funky green FunBites Cube-it for the purposes of reviewing the product. All opinions expressed are my own.



    1. I love this! Amazing effort you’ve gone to! The rice bubble slice looks fantastic.

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