I tried… imperfect CAN taste good!

Yesterday, I had a fab afternoon with some of my lovely work friends (and some of their friends) participating in a bake-off.

The wonderful Miss P planned it brilliantly. There were three categories: Cakes, Pies & Biscuits and the participants were drawn out of a hat to work out which category they would compete in. I was drawn for Pies which is what I wanted, so yay for me!

My plan was to make the Rhubarb, Strawberry & Apple pie I had made previously. I knew it looked and tasted pretty good, and even better, Dad had all those three key ingredients grown in his backyard. (I say grown because his strawberries were pretty well stolen by Miss E finished but he had frozen surplus ones as he picked them). So the key ingredients were all super fresh and grown organically.

Miss Mixotrophy then drew my attention to a Thermomix Chocolate Beetroot cake during the week, and since you were allowed to enter into other categories too, I decided to give it a go as well since I had purchased a big bag of beetroot from the fruit man during the week.

A1 headed out to play golf in the morning with A2 (Miss Mixotrophy’s husband), so I thanked the heavens for a sunny morning and sent the kids outside to play in the giant sandpit. And went to make my pastry…

  • Processed the butter, flour and sugar until it resembled breadcrumbs.
  • Went to grab the eggs from the pantry…
  • Couldn’t find the eggs…
  • There were eggs yesterday…
  • Where are the eggs???
  • Rang A1 who had finished golf and was in man heaven (Bunnings). Asked him to grab some eggs (upon which he informed me he had made himself an omelette the day before and used all the eggs)..
    Couldn’t make the cake either as that required eggs.

    At this point I should have either headed to our neighbours who have chooks, or used egg replacer OR in desperation, used the supermarket bought stuff I had in the freezer. But no, I waited… Silly me. The man was at Bunnings. And as it turned out he thought I was going to be making it there at Miss P’s place. I wasn’t.

    So eventually he arrives home and I work like a mad thing getting the pastry into the fridge to chill. Made the chocolate cake batter while that happened. Then blind baked the pastry shell (for slightly less time than required), and baked the cakes and pie…

    I was already running late, the cake had cooked, but was wonky, and the pie pastry was slightly undercooked (but the filling was delicious). I felt like crying after the big rush I had gone through to get it done. Told myself “I tried” ala Cher in Clueless after burning her frozen cookie dough. I knew at least I would have a fun afternoon with friends and eats lots of other people’s yummy food. Was debating whether to serve my efforts up at all.

    I did, and had such a fun time, and my pie even came second! Thank goodness for delicious fillings!

    No photos from me as my phone memory was full and I was too busy stuffing my face and chatting!

    We’re going to do it again soon (promise I will take photos), just need a theme. Any ideas?


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