Simple Sushi Rolls

Sushi Rolls

Sushi is easy, filling and good for you. How can a nation full of Japanese be wrong???

So many people look at me in utter surprise when I mention we make our own sushi – regularly, in fact (its Miss N’s favourite). I honestly have no idea why. Sushi is easy!!! Let me explain…


(makes about 4-6 big rolls)

1 x pack of Nori sheets (10 sheets)

1 x box of sushi rice (approx 500g)

Sushi Vinegar

A sushi rolling mat (bamboo)

(all available these days from supermarkets as well as good Asian Stores)

A fan (to help cool your hot rice)

A rice paddle (or a spatula is a good option)

Your choice of fillings (we used Cucumber, Lettuce, Tuna/Mayo mix and Crumbed Prawns). Fillings can be fairly varied. I have many Japanese friends and have seen a variety of different addittions to sushi over the years. Everything from Teriaki Chicken, Fish, Prawns, Tuna, vegetables, Egg, even sausage!!

Soy Sauce, Wasabi and (my personal favourite – even though Himself tells me its possibly not a sushi sauce) Ponzu for dipping


Cook equal parts rice and water for 15mins (i use the same method as cooking regular rice, and I don’t rinse it!);

When your rice is done, transfer to a flat container or board (I love to use a shallow tupperware type container) and sprinkle over a glug or two of sushi rice vinegar. I can’t tell you how much I use here, its all up to the eye. You want your rice well coated, but not wet and dripping and pooling in vinegar. Mix well with your rice paddle and coat all the grains. Use your fan at the same time to cool the rice down. (its easier if you have a partner for this!!!);

Now, prep your fillings: Mix your tuna & mayo, slice your cucumbers, get out your cold, cooked sausage or your warm crumbed prawns;

Lay out your bamboo rolling mat and top it with a sheet of Nori (shiny side down), long side to you; Top with a layer of rice. Keep about a half inch on all sides so your filling does not squash out while you roll;

On the edge closest to you, lay out a line of filling across the horizontal. Make sure its of even thickness the whole way along;

Now, pick up your rolling mat along with the nori, and carefully roll it over. Tuck the nori sheet under as you roll, and apply firm but gentle pressure to the roll, ensuring it stays of even thickness;

Wet your fingers with water and wet along the finishing edge of the nori. When you finish your rolling, this will ensure that the nori sheet sticks together and holds everything in place;

Slice up into even circles (find it easy to slice the roll in half, and each half into 3 peices once again, leaving you with 6 slices of sushi.

Arrange your slices on a platter and serve with Soy Sauce, Wasabi, Pickled Ginger and (if you are like me) Ponzu Sauce.


P.S – It REALLY is super easy – Miss N was only 3 when she started rolling Sushi rolls!!

Sushi rolls keep well in the fridge. Wrap your rolls well in cling film and they are a welcome lunch the following day. They also make great lunchbox treats – Miss N goes crazy for hers!! They are simple party food and Gluten and Nut Free!!


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