Mega Messy Birthday part 3 – Food!

Continuing on from last Monday’s Mega Messy Birthday party post, today we have the party food table. Well, some of it… As per usual stuff was on the table before I photographed it and little hands demolished some of it quick smart! So this is what we served, and photos of what we could…

  • A cheese platter with Camembert, Edam, Apricot & Almond & and Triple Cream Brie
  • Rosemary & Sea Salt grissini sticks
  • Popcorn with monster (green) sprinkles, served in awesome little ice-cream cups (from – as per usual – my favourite local discount store)

Monster popcorn

  • A platter with celery & carrot sticks, whole grain rice crackers & my favourite Thermomix Garlic & Herb Dip
  • Fish Fingers – served in cute little cardboard cupcake containers (from the same local discount store)

Fish fingers

  • Samosas/Spring Rolls/Dim Sims
  • Cocktail sausages and mini bake at home rolls, to make mini hotdogs
  • Freckles – served in mini party cases (3 to a case) as opposed to a bowl to hopefully stop kids from gobbing handfuls at once


I think Master O and his little mate had more than their fair share though!

Stealing the freckles

  • Monster Bread – My wonderful cousin Lisele came a little early and whipped these up! Loving a little twist on the usual hundreds and thousands!

Monster Bread

  • Fruit platter with fruit skewers of Grape/Watermelon/Rockmelon & Strawberries and lots more loose chunks of the same, served with ‘mud’ (chocolate sauce) for dipping
  • Frogs in the (green) pond

Frog in the pond

  • For drinks, I had plastic milk-style bottles with cute paper straws (gotta love that discount store!) I just had a jug of water and a mix of different juices and then sparkling mineral water (spiky water according to my kids who love it) and soda water for mixing (and watering down for the kids). Oh and the red tub behind the drinks contained towels, smocks, wipes, tissues and sunscreen for protection and clean-up!

Party Drink station

A lot of that is pre-bought stuff and normally I try not to do that for parties. I try and make as much as possible. But the kids parties were turning out so stressful and all consuming and I wanted to see O enjoying his party. So I bought stuff. Because its a party people!

The kids had a blast! I was actually able to talk to people! Most importantly Master O and the kids had a great time!

In the interests up not being up until 2am icing cake the night before the party (I was still up to 2:30 but that’s another story altogether), I passed on the cake making and decorating duties to A1, and he came up trumps! Hello dirty dump truck & digger cake!

Messy digger and dump truck cake

Second birthday cake

Oh and for party bags? I came across this cute idea (on Pinterest I think) from Shorty Creations. Perfect for our Mega Messy Theme don’t you think? A few sweets, a spade for beach/garden/sandpit fun and a mini tub of playdough. Another winner!

Spade party favours



  1. It was so great! The dip was the best! I also had my fair share of grissini too… 🙂

    The party bags were wonderful. M is enamoured with her ‘shovel’ and play doh!

    You throw an ace party!


  2. Looks like a delicious spread:) You did well, it all looks so cute!

    • Thanks! It was so much fun to put together! We’re having our Mother’s Group over this weekend for another similar play session to what we had for the party. Can’t wait!

  3. Where did you get the plastic milk bottles? I’m looking for them to have at my brunch baby shower…

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