For those closet fashion designers out there…

I rarely post on the weekend, but I thought there might be many of you out there interested in this…

Less than 12 hours after downloading it, I think I have a new app addiction. And I have to admit, it’s a kids app…

Last night, I noticed that the Toca Tailor app was currently App of the Week on the iTunes store which means it is currently FREE! We love Toca Boca apps in this household, and we love an app that’s free even more! So I snapped this one up quickly before it goes back to full price. The Toca apps are all really cleverly put together fun colorful graphics, cute characters and an ease of use that make it easy for Miss E and Master O to pick up and fun for me too!

You can create fashions on four different characters by choosing materials and placing them over the character and you can change the style and length of the top and bottoms that the character wears and add embellishments and accessories. Totally cute, fun and addictive!

This is my first effort… Very matchy-matchy!


But after 30 minutes of intense concentration (and blessed quiet) from Miss E this morning, I confiscated the phone from her to find all these pictures in my camera roll…



Quite the fashionista! This last one was a work in progress when I confiscated the phone. She snapped a quick shot of it…

I’d like to clarify that I was not sponsored or approached by Toca Boca to review this app, I just love their stuff and wanted to share with you!

You can find it on the App Store here.


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