Homemade Moth Repellants (Moth Balls)

I’m sure no one wants to admit they have crawlies in their cupboards (God no – me?? Never!).

However – just in case of emergency I have come up with an utterly frugal way of keeping them all at bay.  Not wanting tons of chemicals in the house, I did a bit of research and found that moths & silverfish and the like hate the smell of not only cedarwood (your traditional moth balls) but also cinnamon, cloves and bay.

That being the case I grabbed a few of each and set about making my own wardrobe hanging moth repellants!

As I said these are so delightfully frugal that I only had to purchase 2 small bags of cedarwood balls for a grand wallet breaking total of $4.  The muslin cloth I used was actually an old frayed baby wrap destined for the trash and the cloves, cinnamon stick and bay leaves came out of my pantry.  I made a little mix of each, wrapped it in the cloth like a little parcel and tied the top with an elastic band.  Then I just added a bit of ribbon to allow me to tie it up to the clothes rail.

Such a top idea!  I’m in love.  Goodbye wardrobe creepies.  Now to stop thinking of Christmas Cake everytime I try and get dressed..!

Homemade Moth Repellant (moth Balls)


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