Worldly Wednesday – how to make Rainbow Pasta for food & play (Mega Messy Party part 2)

It’s Worldly Wednesday so I’ll keep this short and sweet. Here is how to make the rainbow pasta featured in the Mega Messy Birthday post from Monday. Great for play or for tempting fussy eaters!
Rainbow Spaghetti

Rainbow Pasta

You’ll need
Spaghetti – I used a pack and a left over amount from another pack to make the amount in the picture. Since we weren’t eating ours I just bought the cheapest pack possible.
Large Ziplock bags
Liquid food colouring. For play I’d use regular colour for brighter results (I used the queens rainbow ones), for eating I’d use natural colours.


  • Cook your pasta, to aldente. It needs to be still firm – no mushy pasta here!
  • Meanwhile prepare a ziplock bag for each colour you want. Add a quarter of a cup of water to each bag along with 13 drops of colouring. The pack usually has a handy ratio chart for mixing colours.
  • Once your pasta is cooked, drain and rinse under cold water to speed up the cooling process.
  • Add pasta to your ziplocks and shake around to mix the colour evenly through the pasta. Sit for 10-15 minutes to allow colour to seep in.
  • Rainbow pasta

  • Rinse again with cold water through a colander to remove any excess food colouring.
  • I made mine the day before the party and just kept it in the ziplock bags (I wiped them dry after having the food colouring in there) and it was fine for the kids to play with.
    For eating, I’d recommend having it the same day that you make it and just reheat it in the microwave.
    Rainbow Spaghetti


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