Mega Messy Birthday Party!

I’m so excited to share Master O’s Mega Messy Birthday Party with you! I’ve been thinking about doing this for over two years since I took Miss E to one of Playgroup Tasmania’s Mega Messy Playdays. All of our Mother’s Group kids loved it and I’ve wanted to do one since. This would be great for a party or just a playdate.

We had 7 different messy play stations set up…

  • A bubble station – I purchased two one litre bottles of cheap bubble mix from our local discount store; a bucket of bubble wands from Kmart; and a couple of $1 bubble sticks. I poured the mix into a shallow plastic storage container. This way the kids aren’t spilling it everywhere and they could stand around the container and dip at the same time. FYI – I only needed one of the litre bottles of bubble mix.


  • Rainbow Spaghetti – The kids loved picking this up, squishing it, swirling about, and then eventually adding it to the other play stations for a noodle-y mess! I’ll be sharing how to make this on Wednesday.

Rainbow Spaghetti

  • Fishing – I purchased two $2 magnetic fishing sets from our local discount store. Win! This photo is after the party. During the party we also had some sunken treasure in with the fish – bejewelled rings and brightly coloured ‘pearl’ necklaces. I think this one was just as popular with the kids as it was with the adults!


  • Playdough tables – I had two kid sized tables set up with tubs of playdough and all sorts of cutters, rollers and shapes for making some doughy delights. I bought some on clearance at Kmart and used some jelly playdough that I had previously made and is still going well over a year later from this recipe.

Play Dough!

  • Coloured Rice Farm Play – A clam shell with some green and yellow coloured rice and one of our farm play sets.

Rice farm play

  • Ice age clamshell – I didn’t get a proper photo of this, only once it had been well and truly mega-messed up! Basically I had some different sized plastic containers. filled with water and frozen with some discount shop dinosaurs added in. I sat them out of the freezer a bit until I could remove the big ice blocks from the containers. The kids got to play with a little bit of water and ice (icebergs!) and play with the ice and dinosaurs as they melted out.
  • Gelli baff squishy play – I purchased a box of gelli baff and made it up in a waterplay basin that we had kindly been lent (thanks Aunty Rose). Do people really bath their kids in this stuff? My hands did feel beautifully soft afterwards though. Another one I didn’t get a picture of before it got trashed.

We also had our mega-awesome, now finished giant sandpit and dirt kitchen set up too – more of this in a future post!

Other possible messy play ideas are goop, slime, coloured water, shaving cream (makes a slide super-messy and slippery) and ‘snow’ made from shaving cream and cornflour.

The aftermath…

The farmer is doing a slack job here, needs to get sweeping! Actually I think they might have been wiped out by a tornado or a bomb of some sort…
Rice Farm Play
Any surprises here that the spaghetti and ice-age play were all next to each other?
Ice and spaghetti and dinosaurs

More dinosaurs and spaghetti

Oh and somehow the ‘jewels’ from the fishing play ended up in tub that originally housed the spaghetti along with the cake decorations, whales and dinosaurs from ice-age…
And some more spaghetti made it into the gellibaff – ew!
Gelli Baff
The gellibaff when turned back into ‘water’…
Gelli Baff water

And that’s one very gellied boy!

Jelly baff mess

Next Monday I’ll be sharing our Mega Messy Party food ideas!



  1. love this!!!!

  2. Set up for a perfect party, I hope the weather held for you too.

    • Yes, the weather was wonderful! Thankful for that as there wasn’t much I could have done inside – playdough, decorate cookies or cupcakes perhaps. The spaghetti would have been ok too.

  3. So much fun! Love outdoor parties! Thanks for linking to the Outdoor Play Party this week.

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