Craft Fail – Easter Bonnet

Last year Danni did a couple of posts about Easter Bonnet’s, there was this one showing some awesome bonnet ideas and this one where she made a funky flowery purple hat for Miss N.

I got all caught up in the excitement this year and decided to make one for Miss E. I had it planned out what I was going to do…

  • Take some paper plates (the thinner the better). Cut a slit to the middle of a plate.
  • 20130317-203738.jpg

  • Curl it around so that you pull one piece around under the slit – creating a hat shape. Glue that piece down.
  • Slit another plate and cut the inside out of it, so you have just the outer ring. Pull it in a little, but it does need to be slightly larger than the hat piece. Glue this piece under the hat piece, so it makes a rim.
  • 20130317-204052.jpg

  • At this point I should have realised it was going to look crap. But no, I was positive a lick of yellow paint (Miss E’s favourite) and some glitter would give it a lift…
  • 20130317-205126.jpg

  • But really it was just looking like some pastry that had been out partying at Mardi Gras
  • 20130317-205330.jpg

  • Maybe some sparkly silver bunny ears made out of pipe cleaners would help… Or perhaps not…
  • 20130317-205656.jpg

  • A couple of holes each side and some ribbon to tie up with. And some pompoms for good measure…
  • 20130317-212531.jpg
    My thoughts exactly Miss E…

    Any one else have a crafting fail they wish to share?


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