(Easter) Show Day!!

Ever since I was little, my Dad took me to Sydney’s Royal Easter Show (the main and largest agricultural show in the country).

I always got the feeling it had a special place in his heart – when he was a little boy (in the 40’s) he would have to take lunch out to the show for HIS Dad, who worked there.  My Dad loved the show and loved taking us around to all the exhibitions, the show rings, the cattle judging, the wood chopping (always a winner) and what I used to call the “Fruit Pictures” (which was a massive mural-type display made out of fruit & vegetables, normally dipicting a farming scene or something around the theme of the show that year).

Unfortunately, having such small children means going to such a massive agricultutal show can be quite difficult.  That being the case – the last few years’ have seen us heading instead to our local (and somewhat smaller!) show instead.  Closer to home, not so crowded and not so large, its a much better option for those like us with little ones.    This year was no exception and the first year that Miss Z was actually old enough to enjoy herself.  We didn’t enter any competitions this year (we normally do, Baking, Preserving, Kids Art & Easter Treats etc) as Mummy was a bit of a doofus and kind of sort of forgot to get the forms in on time….Miss N was NOT Happy!!   We still had a great time – as you will see.  If you have something like this near you – GO!!!  Its a great day out:)

Easter Show day

Miss N loved the craft on offer…

Easter Show Day

Daddy & Miss Z making friends with some sheep

Riding the Merry Go Round!

Riding the Merry Go Round!

CWA Scones with Jam & Cream -  One can't go home without them!!:)

CWA Scones with Jam & Cream – One can’t go home without them!!:)


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