An indoor/outdoor play day

It rarely rains at our place. I’m not sure why, but it can be bucketing down two roads away and here not a drop. So yesterday we were confident enough that the grey skies weren’t actually threatening rain to pack the kids and bikes in the car with the aim of riding along the bike track with an ice-cream at Valhalla afterwards.

Two streets away it was not bucketing down but raining enough to put paid to our bike plans. After a crazy half hour in a fast food play area, we headed home with a stop at our favourite discount shops for some indoor play craft supplies.

We got all this for around $12…
Miss E and I had fun colouring, gluing and glitterfying (thats totally a word) koalas and kangaroos whilst Master O napped.
Then we went outside and jumped around like kangaroos for a little while then decided to find some ‘food’ and create a play scene for our animal puppets.

I explained to Ella what kangaroos and koalas ate while we walked around our block and found things for our play scene. She already knows that the wallabies and kangaroos eat grasses and our fruit trees (little sods), but since we don’t have koalas here I explained a bit more about them and that they ate eucalyptus leaves off gum trees and showed her some of our gum trees. The koalas climbed one…
We picked sprigs from our gums and wattles. We crushed some leaves and smelt them.

Then we created a play area for Miss E and Master O to play with the puppets in our clamshell.

Miss E counted the rocks that we put in and the ‘trees’ that she planted and we talked about the gum and wattle leaves that we collected. She did chalk drawings on the rocks. Master O woke and he came over to have a look too. Somehow we had a bright green alien visitor in our play scene… Introduced species *sigh*…


We had a great afternoon and I’m sure the puppets will be featuring in our play for quite some time!


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