Climbing on the flying saucer is definitely not allowed…

We did another crazy roadtrip yesterday. We’re used to big trips, we visit the north coast of NSW at least once a year and either catch the boat across Bass Strait and drive all the way, or fly to Sydney and drive from there.
The kids are (thankfully) good in the car. Aside from a bit of bickering over toys, they are pretty content, especially once the iPad/iPhone gets pulled out.

We had a very special little girls first birthday to attend, so a big trip from Hobart to Wynyard and back was in order.

We made good time, stopped for truffles (our NW road trip tradition) at Anvers House of Chocolate and then stopped in Ulverstone so the kids could stretch their legs and have a play.

Anzac Park has been done up since I last saw it. The kids had never played there before. It has an awesome long slide, but the two major features are its rocket ship and a flying saucer.


Miss E spotted these and immediately wanted to go on them, so we investigated. The flying saucer was locked off. So was the rocket ship. I’m not sure how long this has been the case for, but Miss E kept going back to the rocket while we were there to see if the door had mysteriously opened to allow her to investigate.

There is other nice new equipment there and she had fun on it – safe equipment with softfall under, but she was constantly drawn to the metal and concrete structures!

I wondered if it was just the temptation of the forbidden fruit or whether it was just that the bigger equipment captured her imagination more…

I’m glad that play equipment is getting safer, but boy I remember having so much fun on the play equipment that was around when I was a kid. Those tall metal twisty slides – climbing the ladders to the top were a lesson in bravery alone. Flying foxes, maypoles – pretty good in developing upper body strength too I’d imagine!

Do we sanitise play for our kids too much? I will put my hand up here and say that I LOVE fenced playgrounds and shade (from sails or trees casting a shadow) over play equipment – two of my desired requirements for a favourite playground.

What do you think should be essentials in a playground?

What do you hate in a playground?

It seems that back in the day there were still rules…



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