Hi Ho, Hi Ho…its back to work I go:(

Yes, you heard correctly.  I’ve decided to take up a (very last minute) job offer.

I had an interview yesterday, and halfway home they call to ask if I can turn around, come back and meet the boss.  I was offered the job on the spot! (Should have asked for more money dammit!).  I kind of really can’t say no, even though its not perfect.  The good points outweigh the bad by a massive amount.  Its school hours (almost impossible to find at the best of times), good pay, lots of nice perks and 5mins from my front door.  I would be an idiot to pass it up!

The bad thing is of course, that Miss Z now has to go back to care an extra 4 days/week (even though they are short days).  I feel sad having to do that to her  (god love that Mothers guilt!) however I know its a means to an end. Extra cash round the place will be nice too:)

Obviously – all this means I now have to be even more super-organised than I already am.  I will be spending my evenings now in front of the computer working on my own business and the quality time with Himself is going to be less than normal.  Lets hope he understands:)

There is good news though….it means I can shop for shoes more often:)!!



  1. Congratulations D – super mum!!

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