Hello Possums!

Look at this little guy… Isn’t he just adorable. Peeping in to my kitchen window saying “Hello, hi there, I am SO cute!” Butter wouldn’t melt…
My veggie patch says otherwise…
Squashed plants and a discarded half eaten green tomato…
Squashed corn, eaten down to the base…
Oh what’s that? You left me one corn cob? Well almost…

Little sods! I mean I guess we can’t complain, we did build on their patch and they are territorial. But seriously? We built a fence around the vegie patch. At least the wallabies are leaving well alone. But the possums… Sigh.

They aren’t scared of us. Every night I get home from work and there are one or two on the front porch to welcome me. They wait until I could reach out and touch them before scurrying away.

We are thinking of getting a dog. We’ve toyed with the idea for quite some time. We are both more cat people, but the kids would love a dog to grow up with and we hope they might keep the possums at bay. It would certainly have plenty of space to run around. Will keep you posted on the possible new pet progress!

Who else has possum issues? Any tips for keeping them away from the fresh produce?


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