Utopian Delights WebShop Launch and Freebie Giveaway!!!

Utopian Delights Logo

WELL!  I am Super Duper Extra Excited and Proud to let you all know my little business is now online!!!!

We have a shop!!!

You can come and buy things!!!

Its Official!

After many (many!!) years of wanting to “do something” for a business of my own and never being entirely sure what that was (albeit food, mainly), I finally decided on the idea and direction my life would take.  I have to say, the idea was cemented in my mind by my sister-in-law (little did she know at the time), who called me from the baking aisle of her local stupidmarket late one evening and peppered me with questions about what sort of thing she would need to make a particular style princess cake for her daughters’ upcoming birthday (which had to be good, as said daughter had just come home from a party where the cake was a princess castle, so she obviously had grand ideas of her mummy!).

Fast forward about 2yrs, a new baby, a Bizness Babes small biz course completed and many, many bottles of wine and “tester” treats later and Utopian Delights has finally hit the scene (Thanks BE!!).  I know there are so many people out there who want to be able to bake and create themselves but have no idea where to start, what to buy or where to get it all.  So?  Look No Further!  www.utopiandelights.com.au has you covered 🙂

We supply D.I.Y Cake and Sweet Treat Baking Kits that enable even the most Time-Poor, Disorganised or Cooking-Phobic parent the ability to whip up professional-looking treats for any party or event in next to no time!   We are starting off with Cookie Pops and Macarons and will be expanding that line to Cakes, Mini Cakes and lots more in the very near future!  We also stock a small (but growing!!) range of Decorations and Accessories!.

Each Kit contains all you need to whip up fabulous treats, fast!   They also come with beautiful photo instructions.

Macaron Pic for blog JPG

To celebrate this fantabulous day, I am offering one lucky blog subscriber a chance to win one of my Macaron Baking Kits!

The Prize Includes:

1 x D.I.Y Macaron Baking Kit (rrp $35.00)

1 x 50ml Bottle of Green Food Colouring (rrp. $1.99)

(So you can whip up some great Macaron Creations for St Patricks’ Day!)

The Conditions Of Entry are as follows (and yes, you DO need to do ALL of them to be eligible to enter!):

1. You must be a subscriber to the Honey, You Baked! Blog.  (You can find the sign up link on our homepage – RHS Menu!)

2. You need to “Like” The Honey, You Baked Facebook Page

3. You also need to “Like” The Utopian Delights Facebook Page

4. (and this is the kicker!)  You need to leave us a comment at the bottom of this post – detailing how you will serve your macarons this St Patricks’ Day!

The winner will be chosen by:

a) Their adherance to all the conditions above; and

b) It will be the most creative comment we receive!

Entries close on the 1st March 2013 at 7pm (AEST).

Winners will be notified by Email.

Entries are open to all Australian Residents Only.
Good Luck!



  1. Michelle K says:

    Ah St Patricks Day…. seeing as my son goes to St Patricks College I will be popping a few St Paddys Macarons into his lunch box to share with his mates. What’s left over will be eaten with green milk . To be sure, to be sure! lol

  2. Congratulations Danni….looks awesome!!

  3. Bianca Tielen says:

    Hopefully we’ve finished my kitchen reno by then, otherwise I’ll be popping over to my neighbour’s house to borrow her oven to bake the macarons, which would be annoying, because it means I’ll have to share them! That’s okay though, she works as a barista so can make me a great irish coffee to go with it!

  4. Sheeesh your makin me work for it!

    Well unfortunately I’ll be working, but I would bake them up an take them to share with my fellow pharmacists, doctors and patients on my ward! On a green plate of course!!! 🙂 very excited to see you have the website up! Xoxo Ben an Yo

  5. St Patty’s Day 2013 marks 10 years since my wonderful hubby asked if I’d be his girlfriend! It would be awesome to share a green macaron and a glass of Baileys to celebrate after the kids have gone to bed!

  6. As tradition on Paddys day we will fill our tummies with a great big Irish breakfast. So I’d serve my macrons on the sweet Irish breakfast version.
    The plate will be filled with jelly snakes (sausages), a Cadburys cream egg, jelly beans (baked beans)……
    And of course the macarons being the Irish puddings……yummie!!!

  7. Angie Boylan says:

    One for each of my boys lunchboxes, one for hubby’s lunchbox, the rest are all for me …. and my girlfriends enjoying a St Paddy’s morning tea! Where St Patrick’s day used to revolve around pub crawls and drinking Guiness, these days it’s coffee, green tea and this year – macarons!

  8. I will make them and share them with the patients in my ward at work. We usually celebrate special event days and green st Patrick’s day macarons will go down a treat!

  9. My facebook username is Amanda Gorham and have liked 2 of the most beautiful pages xxx

    followed your blog by email too!

    There is a Green Day at my daughter’s school on the same day as the playgroup! There aren’t many of us playgroup mums left so we were going to have a green themed morning tea anyway:

    We’ll serve Green Tea and biscuits,
    green macarons on green plates with GREEN kittens,
    all in noodle packages tied up with strings,
    Those are a few of my favourite GREEN things,

    My 3 girls in GREEN dresses with GREEN satin sashes,
    GREEN hundreds and thousands that stay on my nose and eyelashes,

    when the kids cry and they need a nappy change,
    when I’m feeling sad,
    I simply remember my favorite GREEN things,
    and then I don’t feel SOOO BAAAAD!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Theressa Membrey says:

    Oh St Pats day to be sure to be sure!! My little ‘apprentices’ will help me make them light green, dark green and all shades inbetween. Then we’ll stack them 2 high in the shape of the ‘clover’ to serve them,for all to see and all to eat. And some green cordial for the kidlets after school/kindy.

  11. Glenda Booth says:

    Green Macaroons with a green tea party of my BFFs.The benefits of green tea will balance the sweet yumminess of the macaroons!

  12. dannijh says:

    The winner has been notified by email!!! Thankyou everyone for entering!!

    Congratulations to…….Angie Boylan!!!
    We can’t wait to see your Macaron creations!!
    Danni & Mel

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