Menu plan Monday – first ever monthly menu plan!

Menu plan Monday!Last week I sat down with the intention of writing my weekly menu plan, but since I had a few meals left over that I wanted to try,  I went on and did a fornight. Then, with Master O napping and Miss E at school, I kept going and did an entire month. I shocked myself! This will make my weeks much easier (and hopefully our shopping bills a bit less…)

We may not stick to it religiously, but with the ability to plan ahead I doubt we’ll miss many.

Lucky for me, A1 generally cooks on the weekend so I only have to plan weeknights. So they are are only Monday-Friday. Most are Thermomix recipes, but it may help for ideas for those without. Where I have an online link to the recipe I’ve provided it, otherwise I’ve mentioned the book it is from.

Week One

  • Monday ~ Salmon Fillets with potato mash & steamed veg (cooked by A1, no recipe, he wings it…)
  • Tuesday ~ Tuna & Brown Rice Salad (EDC); Bean bundles & potatoes (Full Steam Ahead); Beetroot salad (EDC)
  • Wednesday ~ Thai Beef Salad (Meat on the Menu)
  • Thursday ~ Mexican wraps (based on the Meat on the Menu recipe but with tortillas)
  • Friday ~ Baked Penne & Meatballs (Meat on the Menu)

Week Two

  • Monday ~ Chicken Cacciatore (Meat on the Menu)
  • Tuesday ~ Tuna Pasta Bake (Non thermomix – my recipe)
  • Wednesday ~ Chicken & Olive Braise (Meat on the Menu) & Steamed Bread (Full Steam Ahead)
  • Thursday ~ Curried Sausages (Recipe Community)
  • Friday ~ Pizza Pockets (Lunch box & After School ideas)

Week Three

Week 4


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