Personal Development Coaching

I never thought I would be the type to have a life coach. I mean, I’m awesome you know? What could a coach do to help me?.  Humbly, I must admit the answer is..a lot.

I first came across the idea of Personal Development Coaching through Women in Focus.  That’s where I met Amanda Levy.  Reading up on what Amanda does and how her coaching can help, I found myself thinking “Good God, I NEED this woman!”.   Thankfully, she agreed to help me and we set out on a 3 month journey that has opened my eyes to not only the idea of Coaching in general but the limitless possibilities that I (now thinking in the right frame of mind) can create for myself.

When we started working together, I had a busy life.  It was stressful, I was anxious, I needed focus and was finding it very difficult to stop myself from getting pulled off on tangents.  I knew what i wanted and was working at it, however I never seemed to get where I wanted or finish all the things I wanted to get done (and THAT list got longer and longer every day).

Amanda and I spoke (mainly over the phone) each fortnight.  I told her about my life, my desires, my issues and loads of other stuff that probably wasn’t really important (not that she seemed to care).  I must admit I did find it strange to be speaking so candidly to someone I had never met before, although it also worked to relax me that I wasn’t going to be judged by her.  This chick didn’t know me from Adam!  What did I care what she thought of me??

It took about 4 sessions before I really found my feet.  My mind was clearing, I was seeing the future and loving it.  Things started to work and as we all know, its so much easier to keep going when you can SEE results happening and things changing for the better.    As much as Amanda is a coach exprodiannaire, she’s no miracle worker.  What you need to realise is that it was ME that was doing the work.  It just like quitting smoking or starting an exercise regime.  Its never really going to happen unless you WANT IT TOO.  That’s what was happening, why things were working.  Changes were easy to spot now I had my mind clear of stress and frustration.  I changed the way I thought about life and it made me realise what I had to get done in order to enjoy it more.

We worked on stress relief, on relationships on business.  We talked about thinking clearly, not taking too much on and about learning how to say no (no, sorry i can’t be canteen mum for the whole year…..Sorry I can’t come out for your great Aunt Gertrude’s Birthday…..Sorry I can’t be Secretary of the Book Club…..etc).    I know you are all thinking “so what – I do this all the time” and I know! So did I…the thing was when I really looked at myself things just were not happening, no matter what I told myself i was/was not doing.

So. Long Story Short – you really should look into the idea of a Personal Development Coach.  Someone who can keep you accountable, on track with your goals – whatever they may be (Relationships, Business, Weight Loss – you name it).  I never thought it would help me as much as it has.  Amanda was great to work with and I know we will be staying in touch, be that for follow up sessions or just at business events or networking sessions – it will be great to know another person to clink a wine glass with!

Amanda is also starting a new specialist program for weight loss within her coaching called the “12 Step Ultimate Mindset Program”.  Lose those last 10kg and never put them back on again!  It focuses on the mind in conjunction with your eating and exercise.   To know more about this program you can visit

Amanda can be contacted via her website here.  She can help you no matter where you are in the world! Technology is great and if you can’t meet her in person you can talk to her on the phone or vis Skype.

P.S – Tell her I sent you!


Amanda Levy



  1. Awesome post!! I especially like that you gave yourself that opportunity and expanded beyond your comfort zone. Personal development coaches are super helpful in processing our thoughts and even prioritizing what we want most. They hold us accountable and even though we are doing the work ourselves, their ability to facilitate and help us get organized makes all the difference! Congrats and cheers to a brighter future! Sending love & light your way!

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