Footloose & Kid Free

On Saturday afternoon we packed up the kids and sent them off to Mum’s place for the evening. Much excitement on my part – it’s been a while…
A1 and I had a birthday party to attend. The party was at a club on Salamca place that I hadn’t attended in oh, 15 years. That made me feel old! But I digress.

We parked the car at the top end of Salamanca Place and spent some time peering in closed shop windows. I loved the little mini gallery of Kudelka cartoons in an old telephone booth. This particular image made me snort. Out loud. In public. In front of people other than my husband. I am elegant like that…
The wooden boat festival was on. I think it’s the first year they haven’t charged an entry fee, and since it was open to everyone it was spread out across the whole waterfront. So much to see and music drifting from all directions, flags flapping, water lapping etc. music for the soul!

We headed over to Lark Distillery for a bit of burger theatre from Tasman Quartermasters – the best burgers finished off by blowtorch. I’m a bit addicted to Stu’s wallaby burgers. A1 had a Wagyu beef one – kicking myself for not taking a photo! If you get a chance to try one at the many places that Stu and his team are at (Mona Markets and Lark Distillery are regulars) I fully recommend them.

It was wonderful sitting on the grass together on a warm afternoon, watching the world go by. Then dessert – ice-cream from Mures. Cue more walking around the boats.
So many flags/pennants/whatever – showing my lack of boat knowledge!
There are big bushfires around again so the sky was smoky and the sunset promised to be spectacular. And the silhouettes. I love silhouettes…
I loved the lanterns on the squid boats. They were spattered all over with ink…
Then off to the party…
They were out of both white wines I wanted. The only Sauvignon left was AC/DC. Yep, as in the band. I’m a sucker for a gimmick so I tried it, pretty much KNOWING it would be bad. First sip was ok, but then… Hells Bells indeed – it was vile!
Afterwards a walk back to the car under the trees of Salamanca before we picked up the kids…
Awake in the morning to see a text message from Miss Mixotrophy informing me one of my tweets was famous. In the local paper – ha! Today The Mercury, tomorrow The World!
A busy weekend so far, but the best part is – today is Regatta Day in Hobart. It’s a public holiday – yet another long weekend.
It’s Miss E’s first day at school tomorrow. Will be spending the day making sure everything is prepared!

How was your weekend?


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