Worldly Wednesday – Bringing Home the Bacon!!

At our local growers market there is a stall that sells the best bacon & egg rolls EVER.  They are so popular that if you don’t arrive at opening time of 8am, you will be standing in line for hours waiting for yours.

Himself loves them so much he asked for the secret recipe for the bacon however they wouldn’t say (funny that).  To compensate he came up with a recipe and proceeded to make his own.  It really is lovely bacon. Smokey, sweet, totally fabulous with eggs.  He was so proud he wanted to share the process with you all – and here we are!  Don’t go thinking that making bacon is hard.  Surprisingly, its actually quite easy.  If you have a hot smoker box, a webber or a regular bbq with a lid  (even a helpful friend!), then you can do it too!!



2kg of belly pork with loin

1/4 cup salt

1 x teasp. curing salt (pineapple cure)

1/4 cup maple syrup (or honey)

1 x heaped tablesp. dark brown sugar

20 x black pepercorns whole

1 x pinch caraway seeds

2 x bay leaves

1/4 cup port


Put your piece of pork in a sealable bag.  (We use a vacuum sealer, however a huge sturdy zip lock will do the same trick);

Add in all the ingredients to the bag with the Pork;

Seal your bag and rub all the ingredients into the meat really well.  Try & get out as much air as you can;

Put your package in the fridge and ensure that it gets turned over every 24hrs to allow for even marination.  This needs to be done for a week;

After the 7th day in the fridge, take the pork out of the bag and rinse off.  Pat dry with kitchen paper or a clean tea towel;

Now you need to place your peice of pork on a wire rack in the fridge overnight.  This helps to dry out the meat a little and builds up a sticky film on the meat that the smoke will stick to;

Now you are ready to smoke your bacon!!   The meat needs to hot smoke for 3hrs.  The best thing to use is a webber type BBQ, a proper food smoker or one of those wierdo-new-age green egg thingo’s.  If you just have a regular BBQ with a lid, that will work too, just not quite as well (make sure you block any holes to stop the smoke escaping.  wrap your wood chips in foil wrap, poke a few holes in the top and then put on the burner directly);

The temperature should be at 100g Deg C, which is fairly low;

Make sure you close all vents to keep heat low.  If they burn out – open up the vents – constant vigalance!!!!

Your meat has to achieve 65 degrees C.  This can be tested by using a meat themometer or similar stuck into the thickest part of the meat.

Once done, let your bacon cool to room temperature and then store in the fridge until ready to slice.

TOP TIP:  If you buy your meat from a good local butchers and explain what you are doing with it, your butcher may agree to slice up the finished product for you.



  1. Mmm delicious! This sounds so yummy. Where is this local growers markets with the delicious bacon and egg rolls?? Bacon and egg rolls are the best!!

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