Road Test Tuesday – Simply Clean Products

Simply Clean Kitchen Pack


We have been given some Simply Clean Products to try.  Cute little bags of scourers and sponges all delightfully labelled for the OCD in all of us.  (I’m in love with that part!!).

It’s just the type of thing that I like.  A job for everything and everything has a job:)  The labels make them look cute and more interesting, which is good, because as we all know, anything to help us get more interested in housework is a good thing!! LOL.  It also helps Himself and the girls know what cloth is for what job, as I have a pet hate of my dishwashing sponge getting used for other things (cleaning the mould off the outdoor freezer – etc).  This way its more likely to be kept clean and free of yucky germs from other sources!

Out of the three packs, I must say my favourite is the microfibre cloths (and especially the dusting & glass cleaning cloths).  The Duster picks up dust well, The glass cleaner doesn’t leave smears on the glass and I chucked them both in the wash and they came out perfectly ready to go again!!  LOVE that.  No more buying throwaway cloths! No more wasting kitchen towel! ~D~

I’m split on my favourite pack. With a 21 month old who loves to throw his food about, I love the kitchen pack – that kitchen floor sponge is a godsend for under the highchair. But when it comes down to it, the award for best pack has to go to microfibre pack too. It’s not very often that a cleaning product moves me to send a (favourable) text message, but this is what Danni got from me. Cleaning the windows has never been so easy! ~Mel~

Bloody clean



  • Little OCD me LOVES the fact everything is labelled! Helps to cut down on cross contamination!
  • The Packs are resealable so you can keep the cloths nicely packed away.
  • Good quality sponges mean they won’t give up after a few uses!
  • Washable microfibre means they last so much longer!
  • We love the fact that they were created by a Mum – ingenuity comes out of necessity!

Simply clean packs are available in Kitchen, Bathroom and Microfibre cloth packs and you can find them at Woolworths nation-wide for RRP $6.99.

* This is not a sponsored post, but we both received one of each type of cleaning pack for review.  All opinions expressed are our own.


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