Chocolate Custard Icy-Pops, Thermomix-style

I’ve been playing around a lot with my thermie in the last week or so. Trying recipes from the cookbooks I received with it, from the recipe community and also converting my favourites. I promise I wont bombard you with Thermomix recipes too much, but at the moment I don’t want to cook any other way!

The other day I purchased some cute little icypole/ice-cream moulds. Being Summer, I can’t seem to stop myself from making every frozen treat under the sun! They are SO cute, the base is like an ice-cream cone and the mould that you pour into are shaped like soft-serves. Much easier for the kids to keep hold of too!

So I made some chocolate custard (in eight minutes!!) for the kids with the idea of freezing it in the little ice-cream shapes. My Thermomix consultant (well one of them, I kind of have two – I’m super lucky!), had suggested this one from the recipe community as it was egg-free (it’s also gluten-free) and Master O friendly. So I used that as a basis and changed it up a bit. I’ll submit a variation on there when I work out how to!

Chocolate Custard Icy-Pops

You’ll Need
150 grams chocolate (I used Cadbury’s bubbly as it was on special)
30 grams raw sugar
30 grams cornflour
500 grams milk


  • Place sugar, chocolate & cornflour into Thermomix & pulverise for 15-20 secs on speed 9.
  • Add milk and cook for 7 mins @ 90 degrees on speed 4.
  • Allow to cool before popping into moulds and placing in freezer.
  • Enjoy once frozen!
Chocolate Custard Icy-pops

See how cute are the little ice-cream cones!

Feel free to share your favourite Thermomix recipes – leave a comment!


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