Pick & Mix Family Fun!

We really want to do more things as a family with the kids this year. They don’t have to be extravagant things, just sharing time together. Inspired by a Pinterest find from Life in the Green House for date night ideas, I decided to make a pick and mix family fun jar full of activities for us to try…

We came up with 55 Things to do and wrote them on colored-coded paddle pop sticks.
There are three different activity colours…
The yellow ones are minimal or no-cost activities that are either home based or require little planning.
The orange ones are slightly more costly and may require a bit more planning.
The aqua are reward treats, may cost a bit more and require extra/forward planning. We pick one at the beginning of the month and do it at some stage over that month.
There are also some purple in there as fillers – I’m sure we’ll think of extras as we go along to replace them!

Our weekends were getting full of things for US rather than the kids, or us as a whole family. This way we now have a stock of ideas and just have to DO it rather than think of something to do beforehand. We can control how much it’s going to cost (if anything) by asking the kids to choose a specific colour if need/budget demands it.

I decorated the jar with a bit of leftover scrapbook paper to make it look a little pretty!

Next week I’ll share all 55 ideas (I may even have some extra by then!)



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