A One Pot Wonder – Beans and Eggs

One Pot Beans and Eggs

I’m sure everyone has seen a recipe like this someplace.  That is because its easy and its cheap and its perfect for camping dinners when you are holidaying in the great outdoors. That being said – I cooked in on the stove as this particular night we were holidaying in the great INdoors – but you get the picture, right?


You Will Need:

1 x chorizo sausage – diced into small-ish chunks

1/2 small red onion – diced

1/2 long red chilli (seeds removed) – diced

1 x large clove garlic – crushed

4 x large tomatoes

1 x can cannellini beans

1 x red capsicum – diced

1 x fresh egg per person (more if you are hungry!)

dash of white wine

4 good dashes of Woostershire Sauce

pinch of dried oregano

1 x bay leaf

1 x teaspoon paprika

Salt & pepper to taste

The How To:

Grab yourself a frypan and fry up the chorizo with the onion, garlic, chilli and capsicum.  Fry on a medium heat until the oils start to come out of the sausage.  Chorizo is quite fatty so you should not need to add any oil;

One Pot Beans and Eggs

Add your bay leaf, dried herbs and spices and give a good stir;

Deglaze the pan with the wine;

Next add in your tomatoes, beans and wooster sauce. Cook through for a few minutes and turn the heat down to low;

One Pot Beans and Eggs

Finally, make little wells in your pan and crack an egg into each well.  Cover with a lid and allow the eggs to cook.  You want them a little runny:)

One Pot Beans and Eggs

Serve up with some tortillas or fresh bread and a good sprinkling of fresh corriander.


This recipe could easily be done in your slow cooker.  Just fry off your chorizo before you chuck everything in the pot and then add your eggs just prior to serving:)

One Pot Beans and Eggs

Also – If you think I’ve done something like this before – you would be correct!  This recipe is similar to my Spanish Beans.   Check it out and you will have two cool camping dinners to get you started:)


Read it? Like it? Hated it? - we welcome you to leave a comment!

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