A week in pictures…

It’s been a pretty awesome week! I’m trying really hard to live in the moment. This week, I’ve done pretty well. Give me a couple of weeks I’m sure I’ll be back to counting down to the weekend again! Though when I get the dental work done that accompanies this quote I’ll know I’ll be wishing I was anywhere but in that chair… Not so awesome…
I’ve made good use of Sven* the thermie since he arrived… (*name still to be settled upon, but Sven is the favourite so far)…
My favourite thing by far is milling buckwheat into flour…
20130113-193730.jpgHow cool is that, it took 10 seconds!
I then made it into yummy bread!
I made vegetable stock concentrate. Looks like pond slime. Works well!
I also purchased an Easiyo yoghurt maker this week. We go through over a kilo of yoghurt a week in this house, so this is going to be a decent money saver for us! It tastes great, next step is is to make it from scratch. The kids are already good at this since they hide cups of milk in odd places, letting it set and develop in case of a Tasmania-wide yoghurt shortage. Not so tasty…
I try to eat local produce as much as possible, so I was pretty stoked to pick these blueberries up from my roadside fruit man. Found they were grown literally around the corner from our place…
A1 was hard at work over the Christmas holidays, creating a play area for the kids. It’s a work in progress, some friends kindly donated us their hardwood sleepers that they no longer needed. So we’ve set up a big square area that will eventually be half full of sand and the other section will be foam matting.
The benchtop piece and sink you see is the beginning of a mud kitchen for the kids – something I’ve been wanting to do for a LONG time. You’ll see more of this throughout the year as it develops…
The kids and I are getting excited by the veggie garden. We finally have some tomatoes that just need to ripen and the corn and potatoes are coming along well. Carrots and zucchini an absolute fail, but it’s a learning process…
We met up with friends at a favourite park that we hadn’t been to in ages. It was surprisingly un-feral considering it is school holidays and the kids had a blast. What a view!
Yesterday I took my Mum and the kids out for lunch for her birthday. There was a lavender bush that the bumblebees were going nuts over. I know they aren’t the best things for our bees, but I DO love these imports they are so cute!
Master O fell asleep on the way home and I got some chill out time with Miss E on the trampoline afterwards. Bliss!

  • How has your week been?
  • Been cooking? What have you created this week?
  • Any Thermomix owners with blogs/websites/Facebook pages, feel free to share your site in a comment. Would love to find some new ones…
    Also leave a comment if you have a thermie name that beats Sven?
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