Love & Light & Fire & Smoke

Well I guess this post has to start with Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013 everyone. A big thank you and welcome back to our followers, and an extra big thanks to our new followers. We hope you like it here at Honey, You Baked! Please comment, share your feelings, contact us etc. make yourself at home…

My first post of the year was going to be all love and light and how excited I am about 2013 on the blog and in life, and how ridiculously spoiled I was at Christmas (if you’ve been stalking our Facebook Page you’ll know why).

Last year had started on a bad note for me and the first few months were really tough, nothing that I mentioned here as it wasn’t my story to share, but it took a toll mentally, and probably physically on me, and I was happy to move on. I was really happy to see the end of 2012 to be honest and start afresh in 2013.

Then my beautifully little state started to burn… We are totally safe, we are well away from the main three fires in the south of the state. But the stories of devastation are coming thick and fast. Yesterday I heard of three families who were all friends of my family members who had lost everything. Walked out with just the clothes on their backs. They have their lives at least.

Our house is in a semi-rural area. Bush at the back, fields around us and a few houses are starting to pop up, but there is some risk. Our fire plan is to prepare the house as much as possible, but not to stay. We get out with the kids and the cat and we go. It is a house, and our home, we love it, but we love to live more. Thankfully for us, there are a number if directions to flee, so one would hope there would be a safe passage. My Mum and her family lost her house in the 1967 bush fires and I grew up hearing stories of what happened to her street, some horrific. my Dad was a volunteer fire brigade chief, and I have a (I think) healthy respect of what a bush fire can do and how quickly conditions change and turn, hence, no questions, just get out!

Aside from boat, there is only one way off the peninsula, at the time I write this, that road is still closed. I heard of people in the water with their small children waiting for the fire to pass as it came right to the waters edge. I think of me with my two babies and that makes me terrified and so sad at the same time and I’m so very grateful to the people who made their boats available to rescue some of these people.

I’m grateful to see all of the offers of help on Facebook pages that started up over the last couple of days. Yes, some are misguided, but I love our community that is this whole state of Tasmania and I know that much love and support will be offered to all those who lost homes, businesses, pets and to those wonderful firefighters – professional and volunteers – who fought so hard to protect homes.

I will be spending the next few days going through all of our kids and baby items. It was time for a clean out anyway, I’d been putting it off, the procrastinator that I am! At least I have a few useful items, breast pump, baby bjorn, play mat and baby clothes that should help someone.

At the moment though, the call is for monetary donations, which are being accepted through the Red Cross bushfire appeal.

Wishing all of my friends and family who are in fire affected areas a safe few days while these fires are contained. For everyone who lives in an area anywhere where there is a possibility of fire, please prepare your plans and make your homes safe.

Finally, one of these fires was apparently started by a deserted camp fire. If you are camping, do not leave your fire unattended. When you leave make sure it is totally out, ash can insulate coals for quite some time.

Sunset from our place on Saturday…
Crazy cloud formations on the Midlands Highway
We’re hoping to see blue skies and fluffy white clouds again really soon…



  1. Beautifully said Mel xxoo

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